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You, Me, Our Kids, and the Global Goals
Have you heard of the Global Goals? They are 17 global goals for sustainable development, due to be officially adopted at the UN Sustainable Development Summit this week in New York. The goals seek to achieve 3 critical things in the next 15 years: 1) end extreme poverty, 2) fight inequality and injustice, and 3) fix climate change. It's an ambitious agenda, yes, but it's worth being ambitious if you look at what's been achieved in the last 15 years.
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Fall Favorites From FASHIONABLE
I am a huge fan of FASHIONABLE. It was an honor to visit their factory in Ethiopia and meet the women who elevate their lives by working there. Your purchases help empower women in Africa, and just yesterday FASHIONABLE announced that they're paralleling their effort in the U.S. via the new Miriam jewelry collection. In honor of the launch, I went on a bit of a shopping bender yesterday and wanted to share my fall favorites from the collection.
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Two Things You Can Do For Girls + Women
Some of you may already know that I volunteer for ONE via the ONE Girls & Women Advisory Board + ONE Moms team. Working with ONE has been life changing; it's reaffirmed my belief that small actions (like a quick click!) can make a difference and I've also been inspired to do new things like lobby on the Hill and canvas for petition signatures (as I did on Tuesday at the U2 concert...Bono is a co-founder of ONE). And today, I wanted to share two easy (and in one case, stylish!) things you can do for girls and women.
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