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Christine Koh

Christine Koh, Founder & Editor

Christine Koh is a music and brain scientist turned multimedia creative. She spent a decade in academia – during which time she was awarded prestigious fellowships from the National Institutes of Health to fund her Ph.D. research at Queen’s University and joint-appointment postdoctoral fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts Institutes of Technology. She was about to become a professor when she decided to hang up her academic spurs in favor of more flexible and independent ventures. Christine is the founder and editor of Boston Mamas, former founder of the graphic design firm Posh Peacock, and is the creative director at Women Online. Her first book -- Minimalist Parenting: Enjoy Modern Family Life More By Doing Less -- with Asha Dornfest of Parent Hacks was published March 2013. Christine also co-hosts the Edit Your Life podcast with Asha Dornfest. In the haze of her devastation following the 2016 presidential election, Christine and her husband Jonathan launched Brave New World Designs, where they create and sell stylish, advocacy-oriented items and donate 20% of the profits to charity.

Christine is a regular on the speaking circuit (e.g., BlogHer, Mom 2.0, BlissDom, Alt Summit, Massachusetts Conference for Women) and has been featured in Boston Magazine, The Boston Globe, Woman’s Day, Parents Magazine, National Public Radio, ABC News, Metro Boston, FOX 25 Boston, and other fine media outlets; she has been named to Babble.com’s Top 50 Mom Bloggers, Top 50 Twitter Moms, and Top 30 Parenting Listserv lists. Her design work has been featured in Cookie, Brides, Pregnancy & Newborn, Daily Candy, and more. She has been nominated for industry Iris Awards in the categories of: Best Podcast, Best Vlogger, Game Changer, Philanthropic Work, and Sponsored Content. She lives in the Boston area with her husband Jonathan and daughters Laurel and Violet. She tweets about it all at @bostonmamas.

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Lauren Bellon, Creative Assistant

Lauren Bellon is a writer, freelancer, speaker, coach, and unapologetic wellness junkie who happens to also be the mom of two awesome kids, one of whom grapples with a serious mental illness. Which means Lauren is also an advocate, a creator of solutions, and a relentless researcher of resources. Basically, she’s a wearer of many hats and a doer of many jobs! She has practiced, taught, written, and coached nutrition, movement, meditation, aromatherapy, and other evidence-based natural approaches to wellness for almost two decades. A serial entrepreneur, Lauren has built two successful businesses to mid-six figure sales, and taught other women to do the same, all while parenting full-time (and even homeschooling for a bit). You can find Lauren’s writing on The Mighty and here on Boston Mamas. Check out her podcast for moms of kids with special needs, Mama Rising, and learn more about working with her at laurenbellon.com.


Kris-Ann Race, Production Assistant

Before launching her freelance digital services career, Kris-Ann spent 15+ years as a marketer and communicator for a Boston area child care company. There she was tasked with increasing brand awareness, creating marketing materials (both print and digital), growing enrollment and making things like the annual open enrollment period and updated employee handbooks sound fun and exciting. In addition to her work in the corporate world, Kris-Ann has done editorial work for websites like Boston Mamas and Parent Hacks and chronicled her parenting journey at both The Family Room blog and CT Working Moms. Kris-Ann lives in central Connecticut with her husband, two sons, and the only other girl in the house, Lilly, the black lab mutt.


Beth Ann Fricker, Contributing Writer

Beth Ann Fricker is a lifestyle newborn and family photographer based in Belmont, MA. Her business, BAF Photography, specializes in capturing authentic and natural moments and expressions. Beth Ann is interested in helping other parents learn to use their camera to take photos of their own children. She teaches beginner photography classes and writes photography tutorials for Clickin Moms, Click, and Boston Mamas. Her work has been published in Lemonade and Lenses and in Click Magazine (January 2016) as one of nine newborn photography experts. Her free time is spent with her two young children and husband exploring New England. 



Hillary, Contributing Writer

A born and bred Floridian who made her way to Boston via New York, Hillary can never get enough of the changing seasons. That doesn’t mean she is super outdoorsy. In fact, when she was applying for her job as Internet Marketing Manager at Mass Audubon in early 2010, her husband jokingly pointed out that she may need to spend time outside. Not letting this deter her, Hillary got the job and wears her “new-to-nature” badge in pride.

One of the best parts about the job is learning about all the wonders of nature (birds, bugs, and beyond) and then sharing what she learns with her two daughters, Abigail (born in 2008) and Sydney (2011). Prior to joining Mass Audubon and the world on Internet Marketing, Hillary was a magazine editor, first at Travel + Leisure and then at Martha Stewart’s Body + Soul (now called Whole Living). She has also written for Boston magazine, the Boston Globe, Dwell, Concierge.com, New York Times T Travel, and Town & County Travel.



Judy, Contributing Writer

Judy is a Boston native with a passion for helping children achieve their full potential across multiple domains. With a bachelor's and master's in Developmental Psychology from Cornell and Harvard respectively, Judy has a strong background in infant and child development, family dynamics, life stages, and interpersonal relationships. A full-time working mom, she has worked for the past eight years in the world of private philanthropy (on the grantmaking side) for several Boston-area family foundations dedicated to supporting research and improving opportunities for differently-abled children and adults.

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Judy lives with her husband and sweet little baby boy in the ‘burbs of Boston with no intentions of ever leaving the area. When she's not spending time with her family and friends, she enjoys international travel, writing, bargain shopping, running, playing soccer, trying new restaurants, relaxing on the beaches of Cape Cod, and “cooking” (someday she hopes to be able to remove the quotes).



Jules, Contributing Writer

Jules started out after college as an assistant in the catering industry and eventually founded her own catering business before changing course and earning her MSW. Not too shortly thereafter, though, the lure of the kitchen called again, and she returned to professional cooking, food styling, and freelance writing/editing for premiere food magazines in New York City. Jules now resides in the Boston area -- she is a mother of two, licensed clinical social worker, trainer at Get in Shape for Women in Westford, avid runner, and owner of a small home-based catering business, In The Kitchen Catering & Food Delivery.



Kate, Contributing Writer

Kate, a Boston lifer, is mama to a fabulous 6 year old daughter. She spends her working hours as an urban planner solving the pedestrian and transportation quandaries of Massachusetts (no small feat!), and her evenings and weekends hanging with her friends and family, scoring killer retail finds, and absorbing an unbelievable amount of printed matter. We totally love that someone so smart (really, you have no idea how many "real" books this woman reads and how many different graduate degree programs she has passed on!) also digs kicking up her heels with a juicy celebrity gossip mag.



Katy, Contributing Writer

Katy is a Massachusetts native and lifelong environmentalist. Growing up, she spent long hours in the woods and wetlands near her house cultivating a deep appreciation of nature and wildlife. She turned this fascination into a career, first as an environmental teacher and naturalist. Growing more interested in the effect of business on the environment, Katy worked as an environmental consultant and later a researcher on socially responsible investing, helping conscientious investors to find world-changing progressive companies and avoid corporations pushing profits above people. Katy is currently taking a hiatus from the working world to be a mom to two young boys and rediscover all of the exciting and magical fun she had as a child. Katy is an avid reader, adventurous cook, experimental gardener, and slightly lapsed crafter. She spends as much time as possible outside, and works hard to maintain her disguise as a responsible adult. Katy and her husband live with their boys outside of Boston.



Lindsey, Contributing Writer

Lindsey is a daughter, mother, sister, wife, friend, and writer. She is also a runner, a sometime yogi, a disillusioned MBA, a reformed nail biter, and a proud natural redhead. She struggles daily to find a coherent sense of self in there! She works as a headhunter by day and hangs out with her 7 and 9 year olds the rest of the time. She also writes daily at A Design So Vast.

Lindsey was born in Cambridge and it has always been home, despite the fact that her family moved back and forth across the Atlantic throughout her childhood. She has been back for 10 years and lives a mile from the house she was born in.



Paige, Contributing Writer

Paige is a project-starting, jewelry-adoring, showtune-singing, iced coffee-addicted Boston mama of two sons, ages 6 and 8. By day, she is a public relations pro; by night, she cultivates her creative passions for writing, style, and all things home-related. She's the author of two blogs: Mudroom Boston, where she shares tips and ideas about how to mix great design with real life; and Make More, Buy Less, where she chronicles the search for her inner cheapskate.

Paige grew up in the 'burbs of Boston, and after a brief stint in New York, she and her husband returned home to start their family. When she's not working or writing, she spends time devouring shelter magazines, trolling Pinterest, and training for the 10K she hopes to run someday.



Priya, Contributing Writer

Although a native of the Boston area, Priya spent eight years of her life in Los Angeles where she attended law school, met her husband, Pete, began her career as a corporate attorney, and had her daughter, Kimya. Before Kimya was old enough to get used to the weather (or become a Lakers fan), Priya and Pete decided to relocate back to Boston so that Priya could pursue a new job and the family could enjoy a (very marginally) improved cost of living. Upon touching down in Boston, Priya realized that she was pregnant again and soon welcomed her son, Sahil, into the world. Priya now works as a full-time attorney while Pete, a former attorney himself, stays home with the kids. In the alternate universe where Priya has free time, she enjoys following Boston sports teams, going to open houses in places where she could see herself living, and taking photos of her two (under-two) kids who always happen to be doing adorable things.



Rene, Contributing Writer

Rene is a Boston-area native and freelance writer living in Andover, Massachusetts, with her husband and two young children. You can check out what Rene is trying not to buy at www.mightygoods.com.


Sandra Gilpatrick

Sandra Gilpatrick, Contributing Writer

After 17 years gaining experience at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, Sandra Gilpatrick started her own practice, focused on financial planning for women. Her experience in the financial planning industry showed Sandra that money is often an intimidating subject for women. She helps women organize and understand their financial lives and guides them along a path toward their goals. Sandra wants women to be comfortable with their financial decisions and helps them to that end.

Sandra resides on Beacon Hill in Boston with her most valued assets; her husband George and young son Lachlan. She is an enthusiastic urban gardener, adventurous recipe explorer, struggling sailor and squash player. She makes a concerted effort to find time to enjoy her friendships and volunteer in her community. She has been quoted in the Boston Globe and profiled in the Beacon Hill Times.


Amy Lage

Amy Lage, Contributing Writer

Amy Lage is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and a Family Sleep Institute certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant. She is founder of Well Rested Baby. Amy has assisted hundreds of families in getting the sleep they need for over the past three years. Well Rested Baby offers a host of services including in person, phone, email and Skype/FaceTime consultations that can be tailored to meet any family’s needs and schedule. This breast feeding enthusiast, dog lover, and beach bum lives in Beverly Farms, Massachusetts with her husband Jeff, their 4 year old Stella, their 2 year old Harley, and their two dogs Jackson and Cody.


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