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Edit Your Life Episode 19: The Upside of Electronics
We hear a lot about the dark side of screens and electronics; how they’re contributing to social isolation, childhood obesity, cyberbullying, or just sucking the joy out of family time. And it’s true, managing electronics is tricky. But in Episode 19 of Edit Your Life, Asha and I discuss the upside of electronics. Electronics are increasingly a part of our kids’ lives: school, homework, entertainment, communication, and social lives. Given that they are here to stay, we wanted to lend some balance to the doom-and-gloom around screens.
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Podcasts I'm Digging (Part 2)
A conversation with a friend reminded me that it's time for another round of Podcasts I'm Digging (see part 1 for the first batch of 5 recommendations). As I've mentioned, podcasts are so great for listening on the go or around the house and today's picks have accompanied me during many running miles. I hope you'll check them out and also tune into Asha and my weekly Edit Your Life podcast! Enjoy, and feel free to share your recommendations via the comments!
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