Introducing 5 Bites!

Friends, a lot goes on behind the scenes of running a website. There is the regular content creation, managing of social media, constant evaluation as the social landscape changes, and a crap ton of editorial clean up if you've been blogging as long as I have (almost 12 years!).

One of the things I have been recently thinking about is email. I want to be the most useful content creator possible for you, and when I receive emails I want them to be simple! So I'm shaking things up with my email list and instead of a once a month email packed with content, I'm opting for maybe once a week (or every other week) with 5 tasty bites of information + a "to do" to consider -- all around a theme. If you want to see what I mean, here is the very first 5 Bites email on prioritizing togetherness. If you are already a subscriber, thank you for letting me visit your inbox! And if you're not already a subscriber, I would love for you to subscribe. Just pop your email in below and hit the subscribe button!

Featured photo by on Unsplash