5 Things To Do With Your Digital Photos

If you’re like me, you have thousands of photos sitting on your computer or phone, or floating up in the cloud. They’re there just waiting for you do something, anything with them! And I get it. If you love taking pictures, it’s inevitable to come to a point where even thinking about the photos becomes overwhelming.

The thing is, photos give a home personality and warmth. And kids LOVE seeing photos of themselves, their family, and their friends. Framing a photo on a wall or having an album available for them to flip through allows kids to see where they belong and how they have grown. Kids feel proud when they see their art on the wall; seeing their photo gives them the same boost of confidence and happiness.

But the problem remains – with all of these photos where do you start? Everyone needs to find a solution that works for them. Here are some of my top recommendations:

1. Go old school

Print 4x6 photos and put them in an album. For each birthday I select 100 photographs and print them in the 4x6 size. My daughter loves looking at the album and calls it her baby book. (Note: Boston Mamas Editor Christine Koh has been loving the Canon MG7200 Pixma she bought over the summer – you can print 4x6 photos via an app on your phone and, well, the printer is GOLD.)

2. Frame it

Does filling an album seem too hard? Think about the last year and your favorite moments and photos. Pick 5 photos and print those. Next year do the same thing.

3. Curate photos regularly

Every week or two I go through my photos and pick one photo for each day. I tag the photos so at the end of the year I can easily access just these 365 photos and make a yearly album or gift calendars or photographs to frame around the house. Another friend selects her photos and designs her album at the end of each month so the task of sorting through a year’s worth of photographs isn’t so overwhelming.  

4. Create a poster collage

If you’re having trouble deciding what to frame, make a collage. Sticky9 makes it easy to upload phone photos to create a poster collage.

5. Get crafty

As a professional photographer, I cringe a little cutting up photographs. However, here are some great craft ideas to get kids involved. Make a placemat, memory game, coaster set, or even a construction paper booklet with photographs of family.

In today’s society we are overwhelmed by choice. For me, the important thing to remember is quality over quantity. It is okay if you print only a handful of photographs per year. Just print something! And for further inspiration on how to display your photographs, check out my Pinterest board display ideas.