Because #GirlsCount

I have been reeling (and admittedly raging) since the Betsy DeVos appointment, yet I’m also acutely aware that the fact that my girls' educations are a given is an incredible gift and privilege (and that feeling was amplified when I traveled to Ethiopia 4 years ago and saw firsthand the struggles that women and children face). 130 million girls around the world currently don’t have access to education. 130 million. I just can’t even with that number.

So I’m hoping you will join me to stand up with these girls! My dear friends at have kicked off a campaign called #GirlsCount. They are asking people to stand up with every girl who is out of school and to urge our leaders to act. All you need to do is claim a number (between 1 and 130 million!) and join the count. Here’s an explanation of the concept:

There are all sorts of amazing people involved (Bono! Malala Yousafzai! Tracee Ellis Ross!). I am #26 and Violet happily colored my sign! JOIN US -- you can record and share your count video right on the website! And if you need more information, check out ONE’s Poverty is Sexist REPORT. The report includes useful information on why educating girls benefits everyone (e.g., educating girls in developing countries could save over a million lives and generate over $100 billion dollars every year).

On March 8 (International Women’s Day), ONE will be coordinating walk-ins in more than 200 cities where ONE activists from around the world will meet with world leaders and deliver your messages in person. So please claim a number today! Thank you so much!