100+ Women-Powered Businesses You Can Support Today (+ Everyday!)

In the lead up to International Women’s Day (today), I’ve seen a lot of talk about the day being linked to a movement called "A Day Without Women." The intention is to show the impact of what happens when women don’t show up to work, but the concept just hasn’t sat well with me because, well, it’s a concept rooted in privilege. How many of us can not show up for work without financial and professional implication?

So yesterday, as I was responding to some Facebook chatter on the topic, I decided to throw out a call for awesome women-powered businesses via my personal and Boston Mamas Facebook page. My original intention was to tweet and Facebook tag different businesses through the day, but the response was overwhelming! I quickly realized that I’d be on Twitter and Facebook literally all day if I took the tweet/Facebook tag approach (and as it turns out, Violet is home sick today!) so I decided that the best approach would be a blog post giving everyone link love! So here we are!

Please note that this is a crowd-sourced list. A majority of these businesses are new to me (yay!) so I haven’t personally vetted them and I’m relying on the honor code that the people who tossed these businesses my way adhered to my request for women-owned businesses. Also, be sure to check out the Boston Mamas mamapreneur network for even more businesses you can support!

Beauty + Skin Care


  • Brancaleone Engineering, LLC (Gloucester, MA) - Structural engineering consultants
  • Brand Enchanting Media - An integrated digital marketing, social media, and experiential agency
  • PBI Consulting - A social media marketing consultancy specializing in influencer, content, and cause marketing
  • Sarah J. Consulting - Fundraising, leadership, and entrepreneurship consulting for non-profits
  • Shaw Search Partners - Recruitment consulting
  • Women Online - Smart, creative strategic communications consulting for digital and in-person campaigns/events (full disclosure: I am the creative director at this firm!)

Creative Services

Family Services + Classes

  • Barakat Bundle - A social enterprise dedicated to improving the health of mothers and newborns
  • Goldfish Swim School (Multiple MA locations) - Swim classes
  • Her Next Chapter - A service to show mothers how to form mother-daughter book clubs to teach media literacy to girls
  • Lexington Singapore School (Lexington, MA) - Afterschool and weekend math classes
  • Lori Day Consulting - Private school admission, special education counseling, and parent coaching
  • Mel O’Drama (Quincy + Milton, MA) - Acting school
  • Nanny Kate & Co. (Boston, South Shore, Cape and Islands) - Nanny and babysitting placement agency
  • Skills for Living (Norwell, MA) - Life skill development
  • SPUR (Marblehead, MA) - Hands-on community service and enrichment programs
  • The Baby Mavens (Danvers, MA) - Nonjudgmental assistance and education for new families
  • The Loved Child (Belmont, MA) - Support and programming for families from pregnancy through adolescence
  • Tranquility by HeHe (Boston Area) - Concierge doula and birthing service





Professional Services

  • FreshRN - A service to help new nurses grow into safe and confident bedside care providers
  • Globiana - Cross cultural training and ex-pat coaching
  • Lisa's Hands of Time (MA) - Personal concierge service
  • Master the Time (Boston, MA) - Personal concierge service
  • Mompreneur Soul - Helping mothers realize their full potential as women, mothers, and business owners

Real Estate


Websites (Including Apps + Podcasts)

  • 510 Families - A guide for parents in the East Bay
  • Broadscast - A national radio show + podcast for broads (and bros)
  • Cool Mom Picks - A site focused on gear, style and design
  • Edit Your Life - a podcast dedicated to editing your life so you have room for awesome (full disclosure: this is the podcast I co-host!)
  • Go Jane Go - An app to connect women in real-time when we travel for business
  • Hello Mamas - An app to help moms connect locally
  • Hula Frog - Local events, destinations, and deals for families
  • iFundWomen - A crowdfunding platform for women-led businesses
  • Macaroni Kid - Local events and activities for families
  • Misadventures in Mommyhood - A site focused on baby products and parenting tips
  • My Brown Baby - A site for parents who love their brown babies by parents who do the same
  • Rookie Moms - A site focused on creative ideas to help you get out of the house and have more fun -- with baby in tow
  • Suit Up - A Facebook group formed to identify solutions for issues women confront in their communities
  • The Broke Ass Bride - A site focused on budget wedding planning
  • Winnie - An app sharing parent perspectives on local restaurants, parks, activities, schools, and more