Way to Be Awesome Staples + City Year Boston!

If you live in the Boston area I imagine you know about Staples (hello place where I buy all of the office and school supplies!) and City Year (hello educational support rock stars in the famous red jackets!). And it’s pretty awesome that yesterday, Staples worked some magic at the Mary E. Curley School in Jamaica Plain via a City Year Boston resource room makeover. Today I wanted to share the awesomeness with you.

The Mary E. Curley School is a K-8 school that's just a 10-minute drive from where I spent countless hours of my youth (working at the mom and pop store my parents owned). I wasn't able to attend yesterday's event since I was in Chicago, but I felt very, very nostalgic just thinking about JP, and extremely happy thinking about City Year's integration at Curley. This is the second year City Year AmeriCorps members have served the Curley School; they partner with teachers to bridge the gap and provide attendance coaching, support, and academic tutoring to help increase student success. WAY TO BE AWESOME CITY YEAR AMERICORPS MEMBERS!

To show their commitment to education and creating positive learning environments for students in Boston, Staples revamped the Curley School's City Year Boston resource room. In addition to outfitting the resource room with new school supplies, furniture, and technology, Staples also gifted all 60 teachers with a classroom supply kit + gift card and all 876 students with a bag of basic school supplies to help them rock the rest of the school year. WAY TO BE AWESOME STAPLES!

This event was representative of what I wish for every public school in the United States: the space and supplies to help teachers do their job and facilitate learning for students, coupled with the integration of a generation of service-minded young adults who are passionate about education and learning to become and serve as role models to kids. Way to be awesome Staples and City Year Boston. Thank you for your efforts at the Curley School and elsewhere!

Disclosure: This post reflects a sponsored editorial partnership with Staples. I'm delighted to be sharing about this initiative because it is 150% awesome.

Image credits: Associated Press (with permission by Staples)