Introducing Brave New World Designs!

So I wasn’t exactly planning on launching a new venture this year but the response to the t-shirts I have been making (for personal amusement) has been sort of crazy and, well, Jon and I agreed that it just seems like the right time to be wearing heart and humor on our sleeves. So here we go! I’m thrilled to introduce Brave New World Designs! It’s really wonderful to be back in design land, and I’m really excited that this is a project Jon and I will be working on together. The mission statement is below. I’m hoping to introduce a new design every week or two and 20% of the profits from every t-shirt sale will be directed to a different charity. You can read about the different charities in each listing.

Brave New World Designs Mission Statement

Brave New World Designs is on a mission to make the world a little better each day by giving voice to the virtues of creativity, humor, wisdom, and love. We are committed to being Earth-friendly, people-promoting, and courageous in pursuit of a more loving, more abundant world.

Our work is part poetry, part adventure, part advocacy, and part silly. We strive to be passionate about our work without being too serious about ourselves. We hope our designs make you a little happier and that you spread that happiness throughout your day.