Choosing Love + Support

Yesterday we were at a party where the Disney alligator attack came up. Laurel was clearly perturbed by the news but held it together. She had a few questions, but mostly she sat quietly, wheels clearly turning. Later that evening when I checked in on the girls after bedtime, Laurel was still awake thinking about the tragedy. Her one question: Did the 2-year-old who died have siblings?

During the pause between her question and my response, the sound of Violet’s deep REM-cycle breathing filled the room. Oh my heart. My babies.

I didn’t know the answer to Laurel’s question (I’ve pointedly avoided the media coverage) but what I do know is that the parents in this tragedy do not need the negative energy being directed at them. It’s been awful to see how quickly people gravitate towards ugliness and criticism. And while Laurel’s reaction was not negative in that sense, I didn’t feel like the energy of stress and worry was helpful either.

So I told Laurel that I deeply believed that the best thing she could do was gather up her stress and worry and sadness with both hands and channel it into healing wishes and positive energy for this family. We sat together for a few quiet moments and breathed together.

That moment with Laurel was yet another reminder of how valuable it is to support one another -- whether it’s through universe mojo or in-person relationships. I’ve also been thinking about this through my work:

For the past few months I’ve been working closely with the Muscular Dystrophy Association (through my role as creative director at Women Online). At a practical level, it’s been amazing to help MDA bring their #LiveUnlimited campaign to fruition. And given my own passion for storytelling, the stories have moved me so deeply. Davion Bartlett’s story came across my desk at a time where I desperately needed to see humanity at its best. I recommend you read the full story and watch the below clip, but in short, how much better would all of our lives be if we looked for ways to love and support one another the way Davion’s teacher Mr. Gee did?

I’ve been in a bit of a funk this spring (and I know a lot of people who are also struggling) and recently set the intention that the summer solstice (today!) would be my turnaround point. I’m planning on encouraging this turnaround with some self-care tweaks, and I also firmly believe that part of the journey forward involves finding more small moments to extend my hand to others. Because the reality is, despite the various stress and nonsense that punctuates my general experience, life is abundant. And the best thing I can do is appreciate the gifts in my life and extend as much good mojo into the universe as possible.

Choose love and support. It trumps ugliness and anger any day of the year.

(Pun entirely relevant.)

And speaking of love and support, I’d be so grateful if you would consider supporting the Muscular Dystrophy Association, whether it’s by tuning in to their digital takeover today, helping them unlock a $30,000 donation, sharing amazing stories like Davion Bartlett’s, or buying #LiveUnlimited t-shirts or bracelets. It’s been incredible to work with MDA and see the passion and heart behind their team, and I’m humbled by the fact that I’ll get to meet some of their amazing families later this summer.