Two Things You Can Do For Girls + Women

Some of you may already know that I volunteer for ONE via the ONE Girls & Women Advisory Board + ONE Moms team. Working with ONE has been life changing; it's reaffirmed my belief that small actions (like a quick click!) can make a difference and I've also been inspired to do new things like lobby on the Hill and canvas for petition signatures (as I did on Tuesday at the U2 concert...Bono is a co-founder of ONE). And today, I wanted to share two easy (and in one case, stylish!) things you can do for girls and women.

FIRST, via their Poverty is Sexist petition, ONE is asking world leaders to make equality for girls and women a priority. Over the last 3 weeks, ONE has delivered one million signatures and gotten results! Please SIGN THE POVERTY IS SEXIST PETITION. It takes just a few seconds and ONE never asks for your money, just your voice! Below is part of our Tuesday night pre-U2 concert canvassing group -- such an awesome group of people!

SECOND, on Monday I helped support ONE at their Alex & Ani charity event on Newbury Street. If you're looking to add to your arm candy, purchase the gorgeous New Beginnings charm bangle; 20% of the proceeds from sales of this bangle will go to ONE! On Monday I also bought a gorgeous set of 3 bangles, the open love bangle for Laurel, and wish I had also just gone ahead and bought the skeleton key (I will go back for that one later!). I'm so impressed with Alex & Ani's commitment to charities!

Thanks, friends, for considering these actions. Let's make change on behalf of awesome girls and women everywhere!

Image credits: Christine Koh