You, Me, Our Kids, and the Global Goals

Have you heard of the Global Goals? They are 17 global goals for sustainable development, due to be officially adopted at the UN Sustainable Development Summit this week in New York. The goals seek to achieve 3 critical things in the next 15 years: 1) end extreme poverty, 2) fight inequality and injustice, and 3) fix climate change. It's an ambitious agenda, yes, but it's worth being ambitious if you look at what's been achieved in the last 15 years.

The last set of goals -- agreed to in 2000 -- resulted in enormous global improvements: one billion people were lifted out of extreme poverty, the number of child deaths were cut by more than half, and 2.6 billion more people have access to improved drinking water now. 

This progress is super awesome, but there's more work to do. At present, 1 in 9 people go to sleep hungry, 6 million children die before their fifth birthday each year, and 2.5 billion don’t have access to basic toilets.

So here's where you, me, and our kids come in. It's time to take action! These goals can be reached when everyone knows about them, and we all can create our own ways to get into action to support them. Here's how:

  1. Learn more about the 17 goals. Can click on each goal at The Global Goals also have their own animated film
  2. Read to your kids. For younger kids, there's a fabulous booklet on the Global Goals that you can download or read online. For tweens/teens, check out this Global Goals comic book.
  3. Have fun (with a purpose!) via the Dizzy Goals Challenge. Soccer stars around the world are taking part in the Dizzy Goals Challenge to raise awareness of The Global Goals. Have your kids join the biggest team ever and create their own Dizzy Goal video
  4. Spread the word! In conversation, on e-mail, at home, at work, at school – TELL EVERYONE how to TAKE ACTION!

We talk regularly about so many of these goals at home -- particularly about gender equality, hunger, environmental issues, and clean water. This evening will you join me for this Under One Sky event in Winchester? And also, you can take a simple action via another campaign my beloved ONE is helping to coordinate. From September 24 - October 1, offer a #PrayerforEveryone on social media by telling people about the world you want to see in 2030. 

AdvocacyChristine KohComment