Navigating Preschool To Kindergarten Transitions

The transition to pre-K or kindergarten is a big deal; in fact, I’m preparing myself for the latter and registering Violet for kindergarten this week! And if you’ve been feeling nervous about this transition, I have good news. On April 27, early childhood development expert Carol Kinlan will offer advice re: readiness, transitions, and schools at The Fessenden School in West Newton. Admission is free and open to the public, but seating is limited so reserve a spot today! In anticipation of the event, I invited Kinlan to answer 6 pressing questions related to the pre-K/K jump:

April Vacation Mega-Roundup!

Happy Marathon Monday, Happy Patriots' Day, and welcome to April vacation (for those of you on break this week)...I hope you had a fantastic weekend! It seems like lots of people are staying put for the break week and if you're in town and looking for something to do with your kids, I present you with this monster April vacation mega-roundup, including ideas today through the weekend. It's so great that it's finally feeling like spring -- enjoy, enjoy!

Weekly Blueprint

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you've been having a great week! I seriously can't believe April vacation is next week; I have done zero planning for it since things have been so crazy here! Anyway, let's start with what's right in front of us -- THE WEEKEND! Hooray! I'm already excited for it! If you're looking for something to do, enjoy this roundup of 31 weekend events, lovingly curated for your consideration. Please share this roundup with a friend!

Edit Your Life Episode 34: Spring Nest Refresh

Home is where you spend most of your hours, but for many people, making your home feel cozy and lovely can seem frivolous or overwhelming. In Episode 34, I interview interior designer and stylist Paige Lewin; we cover why it’s imperative that your home – temporary or permanent -- needs to be a place of respite and energy, why prioritizing your nest isn’t frivolous, what to do when your partner’s style differs from yours, and a slew of actionable tactics to get over the overwhelm factor and refresh your nest.

Let's Meet in Somerville!

Back in December, despite being a tad nervous and superstitious, I shared that I was being interviewed for the documentary Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things. And though I haven't seen the final cut (meaning, I'm still a bit nervous and superstitious!), I figured hey, this film is going to be great no matter what, so it's time to share! The Boston screening will be in Davis Square on May 3! So go grab your tickets; I hope to see you there!

Lifestyle Solutions Video: A Simple Tactic To Deal With Extracurricular Choices

So the topic of extracurriculars has been on my mind, especially with spring activities starting to ramp up. And it reminded me that I wanted to share a simple tactic to deal with extracurricular choices. This took me a while to learn and the payoff has been extraordinary so I wanted to serve it up directly to you so you can go forth and benefit! Click the player below to learn how to let go of extracurricular craziness while teaching your kids a life skill.

Weekly Blueprint

Happy Monday, everyone, I hope you had a lovely weekend -- we enjoyed a very relaxed one here! So that whole April showers bring May flowers thing seems to be panning out. It's another gray and rainy day here, but I guess the upside is that it's not snowing! And some other good news? I have lots of great event ideas in this week's Weekly Blueprint if you're looking for something to shake up the mojo. Enjoy, and please share with friends!

Weekend Roundup

Happy Friday everyone, how awesome is it to see this sun this morning? It's been another busy week but I'm gearing up to tackle a lot of projects today so I can sail happily into the weekend! And speaking of weekend, if you're looking for something to do this weekend, enjoy this roundup of 45 events, lovingly curated for your consideration. Also, I'd love for you to read this post on the lifelong journey of responsibility (epic throwback photos are involved!).

Edit Your Life Episode 33: Family Travel Hacks

Family travel can be really wonderful, but the logistics can be a total drag and the planning and packing overwhelming, especially when you have little kids. But family travel also can be awesome -- both for relaxation and experiential learning -- and to celebrate the release of Asha’s new book, Parent Hacks (yay!), Asha and I share 8 of our favorite family travel hacks -- spanning packing, gear, lodging, food, and schedules -- perfect for April vacation planning or as you start thinking about summer plans.

The Lifelong Journey of Responsibility (Including Epic Throwback Photos)

Given my work on’s #TalkEarly program (which is all about creating a lifetime of conversations with kids) I think even more than usual about personal responsibility -- not just through the lens of alcohol awareness and education, but in all aspects of life. April is Alcohol Awareness Month and this April also marks’s 25th anniversary and the launch of their Responsibility Starts With Me campaign.

Lifestyle Solutions Video: Yoga Gloves/Socks For Travel

So this is kind of fun...this week's video is my first (unexpected!) off-site video. I recorded it after feeling the glorious (much needed) effects of a little lifestyle solution I happened to bring with me on a trip to New York. I sound a little froggy, but hey, REAL LIFE! Also, the YogaAddict socks/gloves I use aren't available right now on Amazon but this Gaiam set is comparable in styling, reasonably priced (less than $20), and the reviews look favorable. Enjoy!

Weekly Blueprint

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you had a great weekend, despite the turn in weather! I decided to combat my winter weather grumps with bundles of tulips, and I'm hoping the flowers around the house and in my office will make a difference! Anyway, let's kick off the first full week of April with a roundup of fun event ideas via the Weekly Blueprint. And if you didn't have a chance to read Friday's post on gratitude and imperfection, I hope you will do so this week!

The Iris Award Nominations That Have Led To ALL THE FEELINGS

This week while I was in New York for an intense two-day client huddle, my phone and Facebook started blowing up. It wasn't until I finished up the first day of meetings and was back at my hotel room that I was able to fully absorb what was going on. I learned that I was nominated for the 2016 Iris Awards -- not just once, but twice, in the categories of Best Parenting Vlog (for my new lifestyle solutions series) and Best Parenting Podcast (for Edit Your Life).

Weekend Roundup

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you're enjoying a wonderful week! I can't believe it's actually Friday, given that being in New York a couple of days totally threw me off my usual schedule -- I'm really looking forward to the weekend to reconnect with Jon and the girls! And if you're looking for something to do, enjoy this awesome roundup of 43 events, lovingly curated for your consideration! Happy weekend and enjoy the gorgeous weather today!

30 Cool Things To Do In April (In Boston + Beyond)

Hooray, it's time for the next installment of the Cool Things To Do series! Grab your calendar because here are 30 cool things to do in April -- one idea for each day of the month! So fun, right? Also, be sure to check out the Best of March 2016 and tune into this week's Edit Your Life episode on letting kids experience risk (such an important topic in my opinion). Enjoy this last (and gorgeous!) day of March, and happy April planning!