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2016 Intentions Check-In
Given that I’m a freelancer, one thing I’ve been trying to get better at is doing quarterly check-ins on my finances. And it occurred to me that it would be good to do something similar with my 2016 intentions given that it’s so easy to make resolutions or set intentions and then forget about them! To get up to speed with mine, you can read my original intentions post; below is a check-in, which, as you can see, I've had mixed results! If you feel compelled to share what you’re working on I would love to hear it!
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Friday Finds: 5 Cool Doodling Books
So today is National Doodle Day (in the UK anyway) and I figure it's just as good an excuse as any to inspire some creativity! I've long admired the ability of other people to create those pretty hipster doodles but I haven't ever had much success creating them myself. The good news is, there's plenty of inspiration out there, whether you want to learn to draw patterns, flowers, or even Star Wars characters. Here are 5 fun picks to try.
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Friday Find: Knitting Without Needles
Last Friday, my dear friend Paige hosted the coolest thing ever: a maker night! The guest was Anne Weil, author of Knitting Without Needles: A Stylish Introduction to Finger and Arm Knitting. Anne is utterly delightful and an excellent teacher -- she was unphased wrangling our chatty group of ladies! It was so fun to learn a new craft and I made this gorgeous cowl in 30 minutes! The yarn was so delicious and I want to sleep in a big fluffy pile of it every night.
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Friday Find: Watercolor Brush Pens
Tops on my birthday list were these watercolor brush pens + spiral bound watercolor journal, which I gratefully received from my in-laws. Laurel and Violet immediately pounced on them upon opening, so it wasn't until last weekend that I finally had a chance to sit down and experiment. Here's my first picture; I think I'll stave off the winter doldrums by painting pretty flowers! It was so fun to get lost in color -- I highly recommend you try it!
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11 Fun Craft Projects for Kids

Today, Rene shares a roundup of 11 easy craft projects for kids, perfect for National Crafts Month!

Whether you're stuck inside on a rainy or snowy day, or are just looking for a fun project at home, get little hands busy with cute and simple craft projects that will entertain and engage them. These 11 projects are easy for kids to tackle with minimal parental involvement, so enjoy another cup of coffee while your kids channel their inner mini Martha's!

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10 Clutter-Free Kid-Crafted Gifts

My sweet Laurel is a maker and around the holidays, she's always asking me about projects ideas. The Minimalist Parenting community loved this post on 14 kid-crafted gifts, so I figured -- what with the weekend coming up -- it would be fun to share 10 more ideas. And given my deep passion for clutter-free gifts, I've rounded up a collection of ideas that are CLUTTER-FREE. YAY! These items would be adorable for family, friend, and teacher gifts.

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