14 Awesome Free Valentine's Day Printables

I'm a designer and DIY enthusiast, but I also believe in efficiency. And when it comes to Valentine's Day cards (and producing about 40 of them for Laurel and Vi's classmates and teachers...sometimes the girls have the steam to make them and sometimes not), there are so many great printables out there that I see no need to create work for myself! Here are 14 (actually, more than 14) awesome FREE Valentine's Day printables. Your biggest challenge will be deciding which ones to blast through your printer. WIN.

1. Pick from any or all of 4 adorable woodland creatures.

2. Pop this super hero printable into a frame, or cut up the icons for individual cards.

3. I heart these modern blue and red cards.

4. Your kids can practice the alphabet with this cute printable.

5. Extreme couponing of the affectionate variety.

6. For those (like Laurel) who are obsessed with mustaches.

7. Six simple and sweet printable cards.

8. A treats printable for my fellow typography nerds.

9. We go together like pie and whipped cream (and several other pairings that are making me hungry).

10. Eight adorable retro printable cards.

11. DYING over these 7 Star Wars cards!

12. A great printable for the bookworms.

Image credits: all images via sourced links above.