New Series: Friday Find!

I mentioned last week that I had more editorial plans up my sleeve and today I’m excited to share the launch of Friday Find. Context = my tendency is to go deep with resources for you all, but I’ve experienced many moments lately where I’ve wanted to share something awesome but didn’t have the time to share the awesome find within the context of a longer roundup post.

So, Friday Find is going to be all about one simple, awesome find. It could be a book, tool (yes, tool), tutorial, lipstick, parenting tactic, recipe...WHATEVER. And I will deliver it concisely, because as my brilliant editor friend Jess says (thank you for the nudge to launch this series, Jess!), sometimes you need a small snack, not a gigantic meal, when it comes to editorial! I hope you enjoy the series!

Image credit: heart bird feeder, via Pinterest

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