10 Clutter-Free Kid-Crafted Gifts

My sweet Laurel is a maker and around the holidays, she's always asking me about projects ideas. The Minimalist Parenting community loved this post on 14 kid-crafted gifts, so I figured -- what with the weekend coming up -- it would be fun to share 10 more ideas. And given my deep passion for clutter-free gifts, I've rounded up a collection of ideas that are CLUTTER-FREE. YAY! These items would be adorable for family, friend, and teacher gifts.

Click on the links below for the full tutorials, more images, and further creative content. And props to these amazing bloggers for sharing their DIY brilliance!

1. I've been obsessed with plants lately (and finding ways to bring more into our home). These DIY paperwhites would be such a lovely gift.

2. Homemade bath bombs in cute shapes = adorable. Extra awesome add-on: a coupon for solo tubby time to the recipient.

3. Kids can help mix ingredients and fill jars for this honey brown sugar scrub. Perfectly timed for desperately-need-to-exfoliate season.

4. Help your kids practice their knot tying skills with these ribbon tree ornaments. I'm a huge fan of the "use all the scraps" mentality!

5. I love clipboards for simple command centers and had never thought of how awesome it would be to give your kid creative freedom to create decoupage clipboards as gifts. So awesome.

6. Laurel became obsessed this year with homemade lip gloss. And why not? Just two ingredients and you're ready to roll. (Little baby food jars would find a great new life for this project.)

7. These cookie cutter bird feeders give your holiday cookie cutters another purpose while making for cute, clutter-free gifts for loved ones (and their backyard birds).

8. Attention partners of moms, print this World's Best Mom newspaper sheet and have your kid decorate it. Perhaps also enclose tissues. This will be a flat keepsake for your archives. Or you might want to frame it.

9. I love the mess-free nature of duct tape crafting! Have your kid give old frames a new life by duct taping them! You could also apply the decoupage approach of #5 to frames.

10. These citrus stamped tea towels are so cheerful, and totally doable for the younger crafting crowd.

So fantastic, right? Which project would your kids love? I'm thinking that the cookie cutter bird feeders are where we'll start this weekend.

Image credits: all images via linked websites above.