15 (More) Easy DIY Food Gifts

One item on my minimalist holiday manifesto was about creating opportunities for together time projects. The girls and I had such an awesome time working on clutter-free kid-crafted gifts last weekend that I'm fired up for more this weekend! Following an earlier post on 10 easy DIY food gifts, I wanted to share 15 more easy DIY food gifts, spanning sweet to savory. Click through the links for recipes, more photos, and further creative inspiration!

1. All your gift recipient needs to know how to do is turn on their oven and they're on their way to fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies thanks to these adorable cookie dough gift packs.

2. I always feel more virtuous when I opt to snack on nuts (vs. truffles) during the holidays. Even if they are, uh, covered with sugar. I love that you only need four ingredients (one of them being water) to make these cinnamon sugar almonds.

3. I'm admittedly a little stunned by the (healthy) brilliance of this clementine wreath.

4. Bust out that sexy crockpot for this slow cooker apple butter. Oh how I love the "toss everything in the pot" gift prep!

5. Give the gift of an ice cream sundae pack. The site offers free printable tags but this would be equally adorable and appreciated without coordinated tags!

6. I love the idea of gifting savory with this marinated cheese and olives recipe.

7. These s'mores kits would be a huge hit with the kids. For inexpensive wrapping, package up in treat bags.

8. Homemade granola in cellophane bags will make for a happy holiday breakfast gift.

9. These cranberry pistachio energy bites offer a more healthy gift alternative.

10. Seriously: caramel dipped pears.

11. Another great caramel and pear alternative? This salted caramel pear butter.

12. I want to gift -- and consume -- copious amounts of this bacon salt. BACON SALT!

13. Save your loved ones some cafe bucks with this chai tea latte mix.

14. Roasted pumpkin seed brittle will be worth the extra teeth brushing.

15. A few years ago I shared about my obsession with this trifecta of appetizers. This trio of cheeseballs was AMAZING and the yield was larger than the recipe projected. I'm thinking it would be cute to make these as mini cheese balls to gift special, cheese loving friends.

Image credits: all images sourced via links above.