Eat Seasonal: Cranberry Recipes

It's been so fun to run this Eat Seasonal feature! I've garnered so much cooking inspiration, as have many of you! However, today's feature on cranberries (in season in Massachusetts September to November) will be the last for 2014; I'll resume the series next year when the spring produce starts popping again! Enjoy this 12-item roundup, largely focusing on off the beaten path recipes!

Click on each link for the full recipe and more beautiful photos; these food bloggers are totally rad!

1. Get breakfast off to a healthy start with these butternut squash muffins with cranberries. (Who knew?)

2. Season your winter salads with this cranberry vinaigrette with fresh thyme and shallot.

3. Cranberries are a brilliant addition to glazed carrots.

4. Love the flavor combination and presentation of this acorn squash with walnuts and cranberries.

5. I would eat this quinoa with butternut squash, cranberries, and pistachio straight up or as stuffing.

6. This cranberry sauce with dried cherries is perfect for Thanksgiving.

7. This cheerful citrus cranberry cake will lift you out of your winter doldrums.

8. I plan on making these almond-cranberry-chocolate cookies with the girls this weekend!

9. Keep up your holiday stamina with these no-bake cranberry pistachio energy bites.

10. Give the gift of cranberry infused vodka.

11. These sparkling sugar cranberries could serve as both tasty snack and beautiful centerpiece.

12. Make your house smell like the holidays with this cranberry infused simmering stove top potpourri.

Image credits: all images via linked sites above