Eat Seasonal: Pear Recipes

Around this time of year, pears seem to sit in the shadows of their apple cousin. But this delicious fruit is in season from September to mid-November in Massachusetts and is amenable to all sorts of creative usage, aside from raw snack form. Today's Eat Seasonal feature offers 11 ways to incorporate your market or orchard pear bounty. Like my recent apple recipe roundup, I wanted to share recipes a bit further off the beaten path. Enjoy!

Click through the below links for recipes and more beautiful images from these creative bloggers!

1. This honey pear bread would make for a yummy breakfast treat or snack during the day.

2. Further fueling my love for Brussels sprouts is this pear and blue cheese roasted Brussels sprouts dish.

3. I shall be busting out my sandwich press for this bacon, cheddar, and pear panini.

4. This caramelized pear and gorgonzola flatbread would work equally well for brunch or dinner.

5. Whoa. The presentation of these honey pears in puff pastry is simply awesome.

6. I don't normally think of pairing chocolate and pears, but this stunning chocolate pear loaf cake is making me change that tune.

7. These mini pies with pear and blue cheese are so cute (and tasty sounding) that I'm ready to make the metric conversion.

8. These caramel dipped pears would give caramel apples a run for their money.

9. I think I'm going to try this salted caramel pear butter for holiday gifts. NOM.

10. Another amazing holiday gift (for those who enjoy libations): spiced pear vodka.

11. And you can use your spiced pear vodka for this Asian pear and ginger sparkler.

Image credits: pears via; all others via linked sites above