Eat Seasonal: Pumpkin Recipes

Pumpkins are everywhere right now (they're in season in Massachusetts September to November) and I'm super excited to share today's Eat Seasonal feature. Why? Because I have 5 pumpkins sitting on my steps, two of which are uncarved and will soon move from decor element to delicious food thanks to the inspiration in this feature. This 12-item roundup largely focuses on off the beaten path (so, no pumpkin pie!) -- enjoy!

Click on each link for the full recipe and more beautiful photos; these food bloggers are totally rad!

1. This chocolate chunk pumpkin bread is seriously delicious, whether or not you use canned or homemade puree.

2. Roasted pumpkin fries = brilliant.

3. This roast pumpkin with feta and honey would be an amazing first course.

4. I love that leaving the rind on for this spicy honey roasted pumpkin means one less step while adding beauty to dish.

5. Give your salads decidedly fall treatment with this pumpkin maple vinaigrette.

6. Warm up on a cold day with this pumpkin turkey chili.

7. Breathe new life into a classic with this pumpkin and kale lasagna.

8. Perfect one-dish comfort food can be found in this roast pumpkin, herb and walnut pasta bake.

9. This roasted pumpkin risotto is a little more involved (in my universe, a make-over-the-weekend meal) but looks worth the effort.

10. She had me at one pot creamy pumpkin pasta.

11. Make your butter more awesome by making it whipped cinnamon honey pumpkin butter.

12. A brilliant use for those pumpkin seeds: roasted pumpkin seed brittle.

Image credits: pumpkins via; all others via linked sites above