Simple Ways To Celebrate the Fall Equinox with Kids

Fall can be a super stressful time of year for families. As school-aged kids return to school, those relaxed summer days too often give way to stress, overscheduling, tummy bugs, and lice checks. Looking for an antidote to all the pressure? The Fall Equinox on September 23 serves up the perfect opportunity to slow down, get present, and connect with our kids, our partners, and our communities. To that end, below you’ll find a few of the ways our family loves to celebrate the Fall Equinox. Curious what the fall equinox actually is? Check out this post with a few Fun Facts About the Fall Equinox.

1. Get Outside and Look for Signs of Fall

Since our kids were wee, our family has loved heading to Habitat Wildlife Sanctuary in Belmont to look for signs of the season, which is exactly where you’ll find us on the Fall Equinox. We love looking for the first colorful leaves, watching squirrels begin to hustle, and popping jewelweed pods so we can see the seeds fly through the air. Mass Audubon and The Trustees of Reservations offer endless opportunities for your own family outdoor adventures throughout the state. You might even want to try including a fall themed Nature Scavenger Hunt in your travels.

2. Celebrate the Harvest

Many cultures have long used the Fall Equinox as a fabulous excuse to celebrate nature’s bounty. In New England, this means everything apple, pumpkin, corn, and delicious. Head to one of these 35 Fall Festivals in Massachusetts or go on a family apple picking adventure (check out Where to Eat + Pick Apples in Massachusetts if you need destination ideas!) to get into the seasonal spirit.

You could also try something closer to home by working as a family to prepare a feast from your own garden. Christine’s tips for How to Get Kids Cooking will come in handy if you’re trying to figure out how to include your kids in the harvest meal prep! And you can look to some of our Eat Seasonal posts for great apple recipes and cranberry dishes.

3. Get Ready for the Winter

Traditionally, this time of year would have been all about getting ready for the long, cold winter months ahead. Stocking firewood, preserving fruit, and pickling and dehydrating veggies were seasonal rituals that people depended upon for survival. Here are a few of the ways your family can get ready for the coming cold weather:

4. Be Grateful

Fall Equinox marks the beginning of a season of gratitude. Just as harvest celebrations give us the chance to honor all the effort that produced our bounty, let the equinox be an opportunity to give thanks for the fruit of our work over the past year. In our house, we like to reflect on what we want to create through the seasons and year to come. A few simple ways to do create a Fall Equinox gratitude tradition?

Need some more inspiration? Check out Christine’s advice for Simple Ways to Foster Gratitude and Connection, then take a peek at the top tips offered by two social workers at Floating Hospital for Children on How to Cultivate Gratitude in Kids. You can also take a listen to Episode 102 of the Edit Your Life Podcast, Editing In Gratitude.

5. Snuggle Up and Read

Really, this is something my family loves to do four seasons long. Beach and pool deck reading may be over for the year, but it’s time to pull out a few cozy blankets and curl up on the couch together with a good book. To that end, I joined forces with my third and sixth grader to put together this list of our favorite fall-themed books for you. Even though they are older now, they still love these old favorites.

Simple ways to celebrate the fall equinox with kids

Simple ways to celebrate the fall equinox with kids