18 (Budget To Luxury) Dry Shampoo Options

One of the downsides of having a giant lion’s mane of hair is that it takes FOREVER to air dry and typically around 15-20 minutes to blow dry (which maybe seems normal to many of you but feels like forever to me!). A while ago, when the temperatures started to drop, I canvassed on Facebook for dry shampoo recommendations because I figured this would be the perfect lazy girl solution to my problems! I was amazed by how into dry shampoo my lady friends are and am grateful to my assistant Kris-Ann for looking up all of these sources and ordering this list by price per ounce (smart!). (Any discrepancies in price per ounce reflect changes in the time between preparing and launching this post.) Also, because these two things totally influence my purchasing decisions, I included: 1) any commentary provided by friends; 2) number of people who recommended each option. Happy dry shampooing!

1. DIY dry shampoo

One person recommended making your own dry shampoo. This DIY dry shampoo recipe recommends using cornstarch or blended oatmeal as a base then adding just one additional ingredient depending on your hair color. 

2. Baby powder ($0.28/ounce)

Three people recommended using baby powder, which is super convenient because if you have a baby, you may already have it on hand, and if you're past the baby phase it's very likely you have this in your cabinet but never finished it! Here's a tutorial on how to use baby powder as dry shampoo.

3. Pssst! ($1.78/ounce)

Pssst! was recommended by a friend who digs the tropical scent.

4. Batiste ($1.81/ounce)

Batiste was the top vote getter, recommended by eight ladies as an easy to use, affordable option you can buy anywhere. One person noted, “I like it because it turns white the second it hits your hair so you don't tend to over apply it. You also only need to let it sit on your roots for maybe 5-10 minutes for it to fully absorb and brush out cleanly.”

5. Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo ($2.26/ounce)

Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo was recommended by one friend.

6. Suave ($2.60/ounce)

Suave was recommended by one friend.

7. Fekkai Blowout Hair Refresher Dry Shampoo ($2.75/ounce)

Fekkai Blowout Hair Refresher Dry Shampoo was recommended by one friend.

8. Amika ($4.15/ounce)

Two friends recommended Amika, one noting that it “smells heavenly.”

9. R&Co ($4.60/ounce)

R&Co was recommended by one friend.


10. Living Proof ($4.79/ounce)

Living Proof was second in the vote count, recommended by seven women. This dry shampoo garnered praise for both performance and scent, and for not leaving dreaded residue. I love that this company is based in Cambridge and I've tried (and loved!) several of their other hair care products so between those things + the aforementioned power of vote count and commentary, I think I'm going to order myself some of this for Christmas!

11. Oscar Blandi ($5.00/ounce)

Oscar Blandi was recommended by two friends.

12. Serge Normant ($5.11/ounce)

Serge Normant was recommended by one friend for heavy styling, though this person said it was probably too light for my hair (apparently people understand my lion’s mane!).

13. Ouai Haircare dry shampoo foam ($5.28/ounce)

Ouai Haircare dry shampoo foam was recommended by one friend, who said, “it is great, but only if your hair is a tiny bit dirty.”

14. Klorane ($6.25/ounce)

Klorane was recommended by one friend with props for both performance and scent.

15. L'oreal Fresh Dust ($6.90/ounce)

L'oreal Fresh Dust was recommended by one friend.

16. Oribe ($7.33/ounce)

Oribe was recommended by three friends with props for both performance and scent.

17. DryBar ($8.97/ounce)

DryBar was third in line for votes, recommended by five friends.

18. Aveda Shampure ($13.21/ounce)

Aveda Shampure was recommended by one friend as an option for those who like using powder dry shampoo (though given the price point, I’d say try the baby powder first!).

Featured photo by Alex Holyoake on Unsplash