10 Ridiculously Comfortable Pants + Jeans

I recently posted this status update to Facebook: “I pretty much only want to wear elastic waist pants for the next 3 months but has anyone tried Athleta's Sculptek skinny jeans, and if so, do you love them? I am admittedly somewhat intrigued that one could do yoga in those jeans...it says to me comfort and STRETCH (see earlier note about elastic waist pants). And just to be clear, that one would be the incredibly fit lady in the Athleta photo shoot, not me, but still.

Per usual, I was blown away by how awesome my friends are; they care about my muffin top and I appreciate that! Given how helpful it was to have a dry shampoo roundup from which to shop, here is a recap of the recommendations, ordered from lowest to highest price (prices are reflective of price at time of posting) and including commentary and additional vote notes.

1. Faded Glory Women's Full Length Knit Color Jegging ($9.50-$12.87)

“I hate everything WalMart is but dammit, these jeggings are so cheap and so comfy and perfect for feeling dressed when you work from home while really being yoga pants in disguise.” -Jessica Ashley of Single Mom Nation (+ two other people chimed in positively in support of this recommendation)

2. Uniqlo Leggings Pants ($29.90)

“Uniqlo has a legging jean in a million colors that I adore. [See color offerings at listing 1 and listing 2.] I, plus all 4 daughters, have multiple pairs. Start with black. You'll wear it every day. Usually they are $30, but often go on sale for $20.” -Gabrielle Blair, Design Mom

3. Old Navy Rockstar Pull-On Jeans ($34.99-$39.99 *currently on sale for $30-$35)

“My friend Alex got some Old Navy Rockstars that have an elastic waist that she loooves.” -Paige Lewin, Tess & Ted Interiors (+2 other people chimed in with props for these elastic waist jeans) (Also available in grey and white.)

4. Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Jeans ($39.90)

Uniqlo Ultra Stretch are the best jeans ever. . .crazy how much I've spent on jeans and these $39.90 jeans blow them all away.” -Christina Refford

5. Democracy Absolution Jeggings ($68 *currently on sale for $39.97)

“I've been getting lots of compliments on my Democracy jeans. They don't look mom-ish but they are stretchy and comfy. I found them at Nordstrom Rack.” -Melanie Sheridan


6. Spanx Leggings ($68-128)

“Have you tried the Spanx pants?! Golden for a night out.” -Liza Hippler, Liza Hippler Photography

7. Athleta Metro Classic Pants ($79 *currently on sale for $63.99)

“I have Athleta metro pants and they are fantastic. Super comfy AND THERE'S POCKETS!” -Sarah Null

8. Betabrand The Sassiest Pants ($88)

“If you want to level up on dressy with comfort, try Betabrand's Sassiest Pants. They are leggings with a skirt that wraps 3/4 around your body and are SO SO cool looking and comfy. I have two pair.” -Melinda Roberts (+ 2 other people chimed in positively on Betabrand)

9. Athleta Sculptek Skinny Jean ($98)

“Those Athleta Sculptek jeans are totally awesome. They're exactly like wearing pajamas.” -Kristy Taylor (+ 1 other person chimed in positively but with this sizing caveat “I got a pair of the Athleta jeans and they are wonderful but run VERY big. I started with size 10 in the dressing room (I’m usually between and 8-10) and ended up with a size 4.”)

10. Paige Transcend Denim ($189-299)

“Paige jeans has this Transcend material that is so comfy and stretchy!!” -Beth Blecherman, Tech Mamas

All images in composite graphic are via linked sources; featured photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash. Also, most of the product links are affiliate links, which mean that if you shop them, I get a little commission, which helps to keep the lights on at this site. :-)