16 Sources of (Totally Doable) Fitness + Nutrition Inspiration

I firmly believe that part of making your life more awesome involves self-care. I also believe in carving out small chunks of time for fitness and tweaking your nutrition gradually so you don’t set yourself up for failure with lofty goals that are, well, too lofty. So, following my post on intention setting for 2014, I wanted to share a roundup of links to help inspire your fitness and nutrition journeys.

1. Eleven easy ways to get back into fitness.

2. If you’re looking to start running, try Couch to 5K. I always believed I was incapable of running and then I started with C25K. And ended up running my first half marathon the day after I turned 40.

3. 10-15 minute good enough exercises.

4. Eight indoor fitness activites.

5. Four DVDs to help you om at home.

6. Channel your inner ballerina on with this DVD.

7. Seven killer kettlebell exercises.

8. Six killer medicine ball exercises.

9. Five tips for hiking with kids.

10. Food and fitness tips -- helpful postpartum and post-holidays.

11. Twelve small acts that can improve your nutrition.

12. On following your food instincts.

13. Add some flax to your diet.

14-16. Since the icy weather has made it difficult to run some days, I’ve been mixing it up with yoga (I just added a few of these wonderful yoga poses to my practice this morning), this 30 day ab + squat challenge, and these arm exercises (OMG the last exercise kills me every time).