So This is Happening the Day After I Turn 40

10k-racewire.JPGFriends, I'm turning 40 this year and I'm totally good with it; I embrace natural aging! I also think about milestones a lot and have been reflecting on personal goals lately (I'll soon share a post about how to tackle goals like a boss!). There's one goal I've been daydreaming about; I wasn't sure I'd pull the trigger on it this year, but I did. And assuming all goes to plan, I'll be tackling it the day after I turn 40:
For real, guys. I hopped on to register for the BAA Half Marathon right when registration opened at 10am given that I heard this race sells out quickly. There was some delay and suspense because you don't receive immediate confirmation of entry; you need to wait until they sequentially process the bajillion requests they probably received right at 10am.


But my confirmation of entry eventually came. When I received the above email I was elated. And also felt like I might throw up a little. Eight miles is the longest I've ever run sequentially so I have a challenge ahead of me! Wish me luck! And is anyone out there also registered to run?

Image credits: 1) (from my first 10K a couple of weeks ago); 2) BAA