The Baby Nurse Bible

baby-nurse-bible.jpgCarole Arsenault of Boston Baby Nurses has been sharing her wisdom as a regular contributing here at Boston Mamas for over two years, so when she told me she was writing a book, I was thrilled. And Carole's book -- The Baby Nurse Bible -- does not disappoint. In fact, given the sea of information parents typically are overwhelmed by, this book is particularly refreshing in the tangibility of scope (it's just over 300 pages) while covering an impressive amount of information.
The Baby Nurse Bible is divided into four broad sections covering: 1) prepping for baby's arrival; 2) labor, delivery, and postpartum; 3) breastfeeding; and 4) the fourth trimester. Chapters include nuts and bolts information (e.g., pros and cons of different stroller types, how to choose a pediatrician, baby safety, developmental milestones) as well as Q & A sections that set a personable tone to the book. Also included are handy diagrams (e.g., how to swaddle baby), charts (e.g., sample routines for breast or bottle feeding parents), and tips for how dads/partners can support moms.

Not surprisingly, I especially appreciated the chapter on making healthy and green choices, which includes helpful nutritional information for mom as well as tips for greening one's home and a primer on cloth diapers. And I admittedly felt a little nostalgic (already!) reading the labor, delivery, and postpartum chapters. More generally though, what struck me about this book was how effectively it manages to cover the key issues around preparing for and welcoming a little one into the home in such a reasonably sized editorial footprint. If you're expecting or have a newborn at home and have found yourself bored, overwhelmed, or frustrated by existing baby care tomes on the market, definitely pick up a copy of The Baby Nurse Bible. It will deliver the information you need to know efficiently and effectively so you can get on with the good stuff -- enjoying the anticipation and then arrival of your little one.