Four Fun Outings with Baby

rookie-moms.jpgI adore Heather and Whitney of Rookie Moms. They're wonderful, funny friends, and through their website (and book The Rookie Mom's Handbook), Heather and Whitney offer countless practical ideas for breaking out of maternal hibernation. In February I was featured on Rookie Moms as a born again rookie (since it's been a long time since we've been in the diaper trenches) and it subsequently seemed fitting that for today's four favorites guest post I ask the Rookie Moms to share four fun outings that moms can enjoy with a new baby.

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From Heather:

A second baby is so very lucky. Not only is baby born into a family that is already filled with love, but s/he gets to go so many fun places right off the bat. I took my less-than-one-month old to the movies, the zoo, and the steam trains. Lucky little guy.

Once everyone is at school and work and you two are home alone, things might seem a little dull (especially if you don't feel like doing the laundry, the dishes, or meal planning). So once you've watched your nap time (guilty-pleasure) arsenal of Sex and the City reruns, it's time to make a plan to leave the house.

Here are four fun outings to consider:

1. Enjoy modern art. Meet a pal and wander the halls of your favorite art gallery with your baby so that you have more to discuss than sleep cycles. Boston's Museum of Fine Arts has a nursing lounge off the hemicycle gallery. Strollers are welcome most places and all restrooms have changing tables. My friend Becky also tells me you can find comfy leather couches for nursing and resting.

2. Go to a theater where crying is allowed. Movies, I love them. In fact, I can brag that I saw all ten Best Picture nominees this year. Then again, I don't have a newborn right now. My tip is to seek out "mommy matinee" showings in your area or invent your own by visiting a non-crowded theater during the daytime.

3. Fondle the veggies at a farmers' market. As the weather warms up, take a stroller with a basket underneath and check out the pretty produce at the farmers' market. Find a food you can share and eat outdoors together.

4. Meow, bark, and tweet at the pet store. A giant pet store is like a tiny zoo for babies. Some pet stores have fish tanks, reptiles, rodents, and birds with tanks close enough to get eye-to-eye. And I'm not even talking about puppies and kitties. Too cute.

Looking for more ideas for fun outings? Our Rookie Moms 52-week challenge offers a year's worth. Start at the beginning or pick and choose.

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Fun ideas, no? If you're not yet reading the Rookie Moms, check them out for lots more great ideas. You can also follow Heather and Whitney on Twitter at @rookiemoms, @rookieheather, and @rookiewhitney.