Four (OK, Six) Postpartum Fashion Picks

nine-west-flats.jpgMy friend Lindsay Ferrier not only is a fantastic, funny writer (her personal blog Suburban Turmoil makes me laugh and cry, and her style blog She's Still Got It has inspired more than a few shopping sprees), but she always looks fantastically put together while being totally approachable. I have adored Lindsay ever since meeting her at Blissdom, and for today's four favorites guest post, I asked Lindsay to recommend her four favorite postpartum fashion picks. She's such an overachiever that she gave me six.

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From Lindsay:

Many of us seclude ourselves for several weeks after having a baby. We say it's to protect the fragile health of our newborn child. But let's be honest...

It's to hide our fat asses.

Frankly, I've never felt more, well, non camera-ready than in the first few months after having kids. However, don't despair! I've got a few secret tricks on how to navigate the postpartum clothing waters a little more smoothly. In honor of Ms. Koh (whose ass, I'm pretty sure, is NOT fat, even now) and her new arrival, here are my top six picks for clothing and shoes, post-baby:

gap-gbalance-yoga-pants.jpg1. Gap GBalance Yoga Pants & Hanna Andersson Capri Leggings. You're hoping to lose some serious baby weight in the coming months, so you want to buy pants that will work both now and 20 pounds later. I found my Gap yoga pants to be invaluable. They're loose-fitting, flow-y, and oh-so-comfortable. Hanna Andersson also makes an absolute genius legging that doesn't cling to your ass, and yet tapers down to a snug fit by the time it reaches your non-baby-weight-affected calves. Wear them with tunic tops, under dresses, or to the gym. You'll love both these pairs of pants after baby and I'm betting that, like me, you'll still be wearing them after you've lost the weight.

old-navy-tee.jpg2. Cheap t-shirts.Oh girl. Say goodbye to your cute tops for a while because baby spit-up and milk stains take a MAJOR toll on clothing. Cheap t-shirts were a staple for me during the first year of both my kids' lives. And as an added bonus, the ones that survive will make great gym wear down the road.

I'm partial to Old Navy for the basic cheap fitted-but-not-too-fitted tee. Gap has great tees that are mercifully long and cover your bum. Wait for a Gap sale and you'll find some great t-shirt prices. The same holds true for LOFT, and smaller girls can benefit from Forever 21's super-duper cheap t-shirts -- be sure and order a size up there, and the shirts will still be fitted, FYI.

Looking for a few tops that are a little dressier but still super-cheap? During my postpartum days, I found some fantastic knit tops at Victoria's Secret that were inexpensive and suitable for meeting up with friend or going out on a date night. VS has a HUGE selection of tops, so don't be deterred by the sluttier choices; keep scrolling through and you're sure to find something suitable.

lindsay-vneckdress.jpg3. V-neck dresses. I lived in inexpensive dresses like this one when I went out and about. Wear leggings and a tank with shorter ones to make the look more casual, or wear them alone for date night. Your boobs are going to look FANTASTIC for the next few months, so draw the eye there with a v-neck and away from your midsection. I also love dresses that have a slightly high waist and camouflage that postpartum midsection bulge.

4. Cute, comfortable shoes. Lucky you, Karl Lagerfeld has just declared flats to be the new "it" shoe! Find a comfortable pair of flats and you'll be in the height of fashion. Other mom-friendly alternatives this spring/summer that are totally on trend: docksiders, men's-style lace up shoes, canvas sneakers, and loafers.

lindsay-heels.jpg5. At least one pair of f#@! me heels. Your weight may be fluctuating during this "special" time, but your shoe size will stay the same. If it got larger during your pregnancy, sorry toots, it's going to stay that way. Treat yourself to at least one pair of f#@! me heels for those special nights out (or in!) with your husband. You'll feel sexy and grateful that at least one part of your body doesn't need to be whipped back into shape. Jessica Simpson is master of the affordable f#@! me heel (I have the pair above in red -- don't hate!) and Steve Madden does a great job as well.

6. Spanx. It's not in the Bible, but I'm pretty sure that God created Spanx on the eighth day. They are comfortable, they don't roll down, and they really will reduce you one dress size around the middle. LOVE. And I only WISH I had discovered them during my own postpartum months.

Got any stylish/comfortable ideas on what to wear during those troublesome postpartum months? Add them in the comments!

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Fantastic picks, no? If you're not already reading Lindsay, definitely check out Suburban Turmoil and She's Still Got It. You can also follow Lindsay on Twitter at @suburbanturmoil.