Dear Boston Mamas: Boston Area Family Photographers

camera-lens.jpgToday's Dear Boston Mamas question comes from Perri via Facebook:

Hello Boston Mamas, I'm (relatively) new to Boston and am looking for a great photographer to take some photos of my one year old. I'm looking for color and black & white, maybe some shots at Boston Common, and yes, at least one with the [Make Way for] Ducklings statues. Any suggestions?

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Dear Perri,

Welcome to Boston and thanks for writing in! And you are in luck -- there are lots of amazing photographers in the Boston area who specialize in family photography. I have a few thoughts on this matter.

  • First, I recommend you check out the Boston Mamas mamapreneur network (easily accessed by the "shop local" link in the banner) to support local mom businesses (photography and otherwise!). Under Creative Services you'll see a wonderful collection of photographers with brief descriptions of what they do and what areas they serve. The photographers in the network include:

    Bellini Portraits
    Beth Miga Photography
    Boston Baby Photos by Jessica McDaniel
    Bring to Light Photography
    Cynthia Abbott Photography
    Grazier Photography
    Infinity Portrait Design
    Kelly MacDonald Photography
    Macy Robison Photography
    Mariah M Photography
    Paula Swift Photography
    Perspectives Photography
    Roseann Thebado Photography
    Sublime Photo Art
    Sue Bruce Photography

  • Second, a friend of mine had family photos done by network member Mariah M Photography and I must say the results were pretty heartbreakingly awesome.

  • Third, and as an example of how bizarrely small world Boston can be, contributing writer Paige had amazing baby photos done by network member Jessica McDaniel, who recently was the top fundraiser in my Have a Heart for Haiti philanthropic campaign. Paige was not a contributing writer at the time she had the photos done, and I wasn't aware that Jessica had taken Paige's photos until well after she became a part of the network and later decided to participate in the Haiti campaign. Small world!

  • Finally, contributing writer Kristin is the creative force behind Kristin Chalmers Photography; she did wonderful professional head shots for me and also does family photography.

    This should be plenty to get you (and other families seeking a fantastic family photographer) started - good luck! You will be in good hands with the wonderfully talented photography mamas of Boston!

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    Have a question for Christine? Drop her a line! And of course feel free to comment in if you have recommendations beyond those made above.