Baja Face Painting

snazaroo-face-paint.jpgI'm not sure what it is with kids and face paint, but when I mentioned to Laurel that there would be a face painter at Down:2:Earth, she immediately was on board about coming with me. Face painting was, in fact, our first stop at the expo and I was impressed with Jill Reed of Baja Face Painting. Friendly yet gentle in approach towards my initially shy girl, Jill queried Laurel on favorite colors then went to work on creating a fantastic full-face monarch butterfly with sparkling accents (to complement the costume Laurel put on in anticipation of said face painting).

Reed worked from a professional sized version of the Snazaroo rainbow face painting kit we own; the line is non-toxic, water-based, and easy to wash off. But the difference, of course, is her speed (she's fast, perfect for squirmy kids) and skill. Her work was so effective that Laurel stirred countless smiles and sighs and comments as we toured the expo (and Shops at Prudential Center), and as we walked up Boylston Street, an entire Boston Duck Tours bus yelled, "Hey pretty butterfly!" to Laurel. Pretty awesome.

So consider booking Baja Face Painting for your next kiddie party. And if you're feeling totally silly and have a kid who's begging to emulate this line of work (as Laurel was after we got home), break out your own kit and let your kid do something like this (a matching butterfly):


I totally earned some extra mom points yesterday don't you think?