Perfect Parfait

oikos-greek-yogurt.pngI'm currently in the final stretch training for Eat. Blog. Run. and at the beginning of April I decided to aid my training by eating super clean. Which meant -- gulp -- giving up dessert; not an easy task given my sweet tooth. However, I have found the perfect solution. A few weeks ago, we enjoyed the cutest little parfaits at a friend's house, and I have since replicated them to enjoy in place of dessert and also offer when we're hosting (guests similarly go bonkers over it). I hope you enjoy this perfect parfait as much as I do; it's great as a dessert replacement or for a healthful snack.
You will need:

  • Greek yogurt (get a large tub!)
  • Dried cranberries
  • Cashews (plain)
  • Honey

    Because Greek yogurt is so thick, and also to control portion size, I recommend using a small cup. I use Japanese tea cups or mini juice glasses (about 4 oz capacity). My super stylish friend Nooshi (who introduced us to the parfaits) of course served them in these elegant, fancy little glasses with small silver spoons. Spoon about a ½ cup of Greek yogurt into the cup. Sprinkle cashews and cranberries on top and drizzle with a bit of honey. That's it! (You can sub in different varieties of nuts and dried fruit but I think this combination is perfect.)

    Not only is this a ridiculously fast, easy, and pretty treat, but Greek yogurt is high in protein (a 1 cup serving is around 20 grams of protein; about 40% of your daily recommended value), the cranberries and cashews add lovely contrasting chewy and crunchy textures, and the honey and cranberries address sweet cravings. Sure, it's no chocolate brownie, but I find this treat super satisfying. In fact, thanks to this perfect parfait, I've been completely fine resisting dessert at home and at various gatherings since April 1. Apparently, miracles do happen.

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    Image credit: Stonyfield Oikos Greek Yogurt