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Eat Seasonal: Strawberry Recipes

We eat strawberries year round, but I'm always thrilled when strawberries come in season; the vibrant, juicy locally grown options are a totally different animal! This week's Eat Seasonal feature on strawberries comes just in time for upcoming strawberry festivals (keep an eye on upcoming Weekend Roundups!), though in Massachusetts, strawberries are in season both in June and also August to mid-October. Here are 8 easy ways you can enjoy them:

1. I love the fresh twist of this strawberry mango salsa.

2. Strawberry ricotta bruschetta makes for a lovely summer app.

3. Five-ingredient strawberry red wine glazed salmon = major dinner win.

4. I made this strawberry cake roll for Jon’s birthday this week -- it's one of our favorite cake recipes!

5. OMG this strawberry pie.

6. I can't wait to try these cantaloupe and strawberry popsicles.

7. Freeze your strawberries first to make this 5-minute strawberry frozen yogurt.

8. If you have a windfall of strawberries, preserve some to cheer you up in the winter via this easy strawberry freezer jam.

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