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For Budding Thespians: Watertown Children's Theatre

Today, Kate recommends a great local spot to inspire budding thespians in community-oriented fashion:

As a child, I tended to shy away from the spotlight, but my young daughter loves an audience. Whether singing in the school concert or performing her own song-and-dance routines in our living room, she enjoys showing off in front of a crowd. As a result, we love the offerings of the Watertown Children's Theater.

WCT provides a great place for kids to learn all aspects of stagecraft from scriptwriting to song composition to set design and costume creation. The result is a community of burgeoning performers -- some very young -- who spend a week or two at a time working as a team to prepare and then stage a production of their own creation.

The teachers are wonderful, the atmosphere is supportive for kids of all talents and levels of confidence, and the performances are creative and fun. Sessions are offered for varying lengths of time and for different age-groups, with older kids currently tackling more complex productions such as Into the Woods and Pirates of Penzance. The Watertown Children's Theater has just turned 30, and is a wonderful community resource for anyone with a son or daughter who likes the footlights.

Watertown Children's Theater, 321 Arsenal Street, Watertown

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