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A New Way to Draw

faber-castell-gel-sticks.jpgToday, Kate recommends a cool craft supply that little artists no doubt will go crazy over:

My daughter loves nothing more than to make art in all of its various forms. Give her pipe cleaners, tape, a few markers, and a ball of yarn and she'll make something full of imagination and all her own. She is voracious with art supplies and, though we've got loads of markers and crayons, I'm always looking for something new to spark her creativity.
A recent trip to Washington, DC brought me to the gift shop at the National Gallery, which has a lovely section of art-related items for children. There I found the wonderful Faber-Castell Gel Sticks, which are smoother than markers, more vibrant than crayons, and less messy than oil pastels -- and thoroughly terrific for drawing. My daughter immediately busted out her best pink construction paper to give the Gel Sticks a whirl, and the results are currently decorating our living room. I've always appreciated Faber-Castell for their high-quality products and attractive packaging, and I've now got another reason to sing their praises. If your kids like to draw -- and what kid doesn't? -- check out the Gel Sticks for a fun new option.


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