Christine Koh


I'm Christine Koh, a music and brain neuroscientist turned multimedia creative. I'm the founder + editor of Boston Mamas, co-author of Minimalist Parenting, co-host of the Edit Your Life podcast, and creative director at Women Online. Drop me a line; I'd love to chat about how we can work together!

Doctor In the House


Laurel recently has shown an interest in healing, both via Western (doctor kits) and alterative (shamanic maraca shaking) practices. After hunting around online, I was really happy to find the basic (i.e., not a million tiny parts), inexpensive Fisher Price Medical Kit. The set includes interactive pieces (thermometer, syringe, blood pressure cuff, and a stethoscope that actually works against the skin), as well as an otoscope and bracelet style bandage. Also included is a soft tote, which is nice so you can add other tools - such as a shamanic maraca - easily (a common complaint of kits with hard cases is that it's tough fitting all the pieces back in), and the set is compact for travel.

We generally favor wooden over plastic toys and also considered the Haba Doctor’s Suitcase, but it’s missing the all important stethoscope, which Laurel really digs.

Bright Side of Disaster

Shake Up the Grill