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Ethnic Dolls


As mad as I was about the wrench that Baby-O put in my schedule the other day, ruminations about getting a backup doll to leave in the car – plus an external request for information about Baby-O – prompted me to check out the latest in the ethnic baby doll market. If Laurel’s interest in dolls continues, I’m thinking her pals ought to reflect our diverse world.

Baby-O is the Corolle Calin Yang doll ($26.95 at Amazon). Cuddly but somewhat alien looking. Assuming we get another Asian doll, I think we’d go for the cuter and more mature Corolle Choquette Kim (shown; ~$45 at Toys R Us and Amazon. We like the simplicity of these Corolle dolls; they don’t eat, sleep, or poop in the mechanical sense, but it means they’re battery-free, machine washable, and leave more to the imagination. (Choquette Kim also won the Oppenheim Best Toy Gold Seal Award.)

Check out Amazon Dolls and Toys R Us Dolls for Caucasian and ethnic selections for babies and kids. Amazon even has a Korean Barbie! It’s a good world to be living in these days.

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