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Edit Your Life Episode 22: Questioning The KonMari Decluttering Method
Marie Kondo’s “Japanese decluttering book” has taken the world by storm. The book details the author’s philosophy about organizing and decluttering, and gives step-by-step instructions for decluttering one’s home. She calls her steps the “KonMari Method,” and promises that it will change the lives of those who follow it. Thousands of people say it has, but plenty have voiced skepticism. In Episode 22 of Edit Your Life, Asha and I touch on different aspects of Kondo’s approach, and share our reactions -- both positive and negative -- to her method.
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Edit Your Life Episode 14: Weekday Dinner Solutions
Modern day dinners are far from Rockwellian. More typically, they involve a revolving door of family members tired and hungry after a busy day, with parents who likely are lacking in motivation or sheer minutes to do a ton of prep work. Fear not! In Episode 14 of Edit Your Life, Asha and I share 9 tips for weekday dinner solutions, related to planning (don’t be afraid, this is totally minimalist planning!), efficiency, execution, outsourcing, and general mindshifts about what a modern day dinner really looks like.
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Giveaway Goodness: Smartstuff Twin Bed + Nightstand!
Oh my word, I have a CRAZY AMAZING giveaway for you today! At the Wayfair Heart Home conference last month I had a chance to check out the wares of Smartstuff, makers of gorgeous furniture for kids. I fell in love with their super stylish #myRoom collection. And today, thanks to the generosity of Smartstuff, I'm giving away the #myRoom twin reading bed ($1,050 value) + nightstand ($675 value). How cute is it that the bed has a built in reading light?
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Friday Find: Apartment Therapy Complete and Happy Home
Last week at Wayfair's Heart Home conference, I had the pleasure of hearing Maxwell Ryan (of Apartment Therapy) speak. And the experience was a good reminder of why it's so important to get out and see/meet people (I mean, I know this to be the case but clearly sometimes I forget!). I've known about Apartment Therapy forever, but it wasn't until I heard Maxwell speak that I truly became invested in the brand. Does that make sense?
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The Yummiest Banana Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake
As many of you know, I'm a huge fan of getting kids busy in the kitchen. The more they practice, the better they get -- both at making things and cleaning up. Over the years Laurel has practiced a ton and is a devoted from-scratch baker, and also makes a killer spinach souffle, among other things. She recently made my favorite coffee cake and after posting the below photo on Instagram and Facebook, several people asked me for the recipe. Here it is!
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Vanilla + Chocolate Coconut Milk Ice Cream
I love that Boston is home to so many fantastic independent ice cream stores. I love eating ice cream at said fantastic independent ice cream stores. My kids love eating ice cream at said fantastic independent ice cream stores. It seems like the perfect union! However, Violet's dairy allergy means that when we're out we end up getting her something she's not wild about (e.g., slush) or we ask for the tiniest kid sized cone possible and then deal with gnarly eczema flare ups.
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Make Your Home Awesome: 10 Ways To Improve Your Outdoor Space
Today, Paige of Tess & Ted Interiors picks up her Make Your Home Awesome series with great outdoor space tips:

We're almost halfway through August but given that the good weather tends to extend into October, there's plenty of time and reason to improve and enjoy your outdoor space. Added bonus of sprucing later in the summer season? Many stores are offering deep discounts on outdoor furniture and accessories and tax-free weekend is this weekend! Here are 10 ways to make your outdoor space totally awesome.

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Awesome 5-Minute Green Smoothie Recipe
I'm not sure why, but for the last couple of weeks I've found myself eyeing green smoothies at cafes and in markets, then walking away because I don't want to shell out $5-8 for something I might find totally gross. So over the weekend -- after finding myself in this position yet again -- I decided I should try making one myself. And I will admit, I was shocked by the result! I made this recipe up on the fly and it was so awesome on the first attempt that Laurel asked if I would make more so we'd have a stash in the fridge.
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Make Your Home Awesome: 5 Easy Settings to Make Your Table Shine
It's time for another edition of Make Your Home Awesome, via the incomparable Paige Lewin of Tess & Ted:

Unlike many interior designers, I did not rearrange my room monthly from the age of 5. However, whenever my mom had friends over for dinner or hosted a holiday, the table setting was MY domain. I loved hunting through cabinets for the right dishes, arranging the flowers purchased at Star Market, and choosing linens perfect for the occasion. In fact, to this day, my favorite part of throwing a party is setting the table.

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Friday Find: Design Mom
When I first heard that my friend Gabrielle Blair landed a book deal, I was thrilled and filled with anticipation because, quite plainly, Gabby is one of the most delightful, gracious, and positive people I know, and everything she touches evokes quality, style, and beauty...but in a totally down-to-earth way that makes you feel like you're her best friend. And Gabby's new book Design Mom: How to Live With Kids: A Room-by-Room Guide does not disappoint.
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Fun Facts & Resources About Owls

Today, Hillary of Mass Audubon shares fun facts and resources about owls:

It started with a few critter wall decals from Target. But it was a 3-day mini camp at Drumlin Farm last summer that cemented my 6-year-old’s obsession with owls. She came home one day saying the call of the barred owl over and over ("Who cooks for you…Who cooks for you all…") and it's been nonstop owl this, owl that ever since.

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Make Your Home Awesome: 15 Cool Stools & Poufs

Last summer I shared about the brilliant interior design work my friend Paige (of Tess & Ted) did on our home and I'm thrilled that she is going to do a recurring series on home decor and design for Boston Mamas. She is so clever! Paige believes that everyone deserves a cozy, pretty nest and for the first post in the series -- Make Your Home Awesome -- she shares recommendations for impacting, affordable stools and poufs.

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Friday Find: Snowpocalypse Coffee Solution
When the last snowpocalypse hit, I will admit that one of my first concerns when potential electricity loss came up was WHAT WOULD I DO ABOUT MY COFFEE? Sad, I know! But, the experience reminded me of a conversation we had with friends about pour-over coffee and hand grinders + the fact that our electric coffee was dying, so I decided to order a manual coffee system. It has worked great so I wanted to share the solution with you!
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