Local Gems: Beacon Hill, Boston

Friends, from the response to the Medford feature, you're clearly digging the new Local Gems series! I'm so thrilled! This week I'm featuring the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston. These 15 gems come courtesy of my lovely and finance-savvy friend Sandra Gilpatrick. Sandra has lived on Beacon Hill for over a decade, has an adorable son, and, as a certified financial planner, is professionally passionate about helping women find their financial confidence (AWESOME). Thanks for sharing these gems, Sandra!

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It goes without saying that Beacon Hill is amazing for its immediate access to Boston Common and the Public Garden. Here are 15 gems I hope you'll love as much as I do!

1. Tip Tap Room. Always a happening place, even in snow storms. The tap selections are impressive. Chef Brian Poe treats locals like royalty. If you are tired of the same old meat selections, this is the place to go for more adventure. Care for antelope meatloaf?

2. Kate & Theo Home. New kid on the block. However, they know what they are doing. They understand clever furniture for small Boston apartments. And yes, they can do a beautiful upholstery job for that antique chair you've had on your "to do" list.

3. Townhouse Beauty Bar. My six-year-old was having one of those bad behavior days you dread as a mother during his haircut. The staff went out of their way to be kind to him and miraculously, he managed to walk away with even bangs. The owner is a mother of young ones, so she gets it and makes you feel welcome. You can even take care of yourself there should you have a minute to breathe.

4. K M Hudson Bra. Do you want the best fitting bra ever? Tucked away on a second floor entrance on Charles street, this store is a hidden gem. Even having a young child to go home to, devoted owner Katherine Hudson stayed open an extra hour just for me to make sure I was hooked up with the best bra I've owned yet.
5. Good. Yes, it is. I nearly tripped walking by on the bricks while gazing at the precious child's outfit in the window last week. Worth a look inside at the varied and interesting goods.

6. Café Vanille. The only café outdoor space on Charles Street, and your kids will delight in the colorful treats. Pain au chocolate? Mais bien sur!

7. LaLaRoh. Who knew? Good Persian food that is family friendly. They even have crayons on hand. My son doesn't leave without the saffron ice cream. There's a tiny three-person bar should you make it out on date night.

8. Leather Clothiers Designers. Don't let the name throw you. With cute hats and unique accessories, you're bound to find something that catches your eye. Little known fact: they do purse repair.
9. Paramount. A neighborhood staple for many years. Casual eats that are predictably delicious. Expect a line for brunch, but there is a reason why.

10. Holiday. Stylish, timeless, and feminine. I have never walked out without uttering,"oooh, I like that dress" at least once.

11. Blackstone's of Beacon Hill. If I ever need a gift on the run, this is the place I've gone to for years. The owners are regularly in the store and welcome you like family.

12. 20th Century Ltd. Don't forget to look down at this ever changing pretty bejeweled window. If you are looking for costume jewelry, this is THE place to go.
13. Beacon Hill Chocolates. Fancy locally made boxes with splendid scenes of Boston make this chocolatier special. You'll want to keep the box after the delicious chocolate quickly vanishes.

14. Top Shelf. Need a bottle of wine, some plants for your window box, and groceries on the go? The owner is a peach and we thank him for this super convenient store.

15. 75 Chestnut. I do miss the old bar renovated years ago, but 75 Chestnut still is a place locals come to gather. Benevolent owner Thomas Kershaw is so generous to the community.

Do you want to share local gems for your town? Contact Christine for editorial openings!

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Do you want to share local gems for your town? Contact me for editorial openings!

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