Valentine's Day Roundup!

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and we’ve got you covered with this roundup of our nine favorite posts created to help you celebrate. Whether you’re looking for kid crafts, delicious desserts, or strategies for connecting with your partner in the midst of a busy life, you’ll find them here. (Optional: We’d love to know how you put these ideas to use -- share a photo of what you’re preparing or doing for Valentine’s Day on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #BostonMamas and tag us there!)

1. Prioritize your partner/spouse

Find nine amazing strategies to keep the connection strong with your partner despite all the competing demands on your time in as few as seven seconds. Your careers, your kids’ ever-evolving needs, and all that household crap will be no match for these ideas offered in this Prioritizing Your Partner/Spouse episode of Edit Your Life.

2. Offer some undivided attention

These ten rituals, practices, and games use Undivided Attention to sprinkle love, care, and connection into your relationship.

3. Keep it simple

Four Simple Love Lessons inspire reflection and gratitude for the most important relationships in your life. By connecting with ourselves, our children, our partners, and our friends, we set ourselves up to thrive.

4. Because chocolate fudge cakes

It’s chocolate + love when kids come into the kitchen to help create these delicious Valentine’s Fudge Cakes.

5. Super easy treats

Red and pink take over with these three kid-approved Easy Valentine’s Day Treats.

6. Roses that will last past Valentine's day

Check out Rosebud Valentines, a gorgeous and heartfelt craft kids can make for their nearest and dearest friends and family.

7. A cute pocket Valentine craft

This awesome idea for Valentine Crafting with Kids will engage and entertain even the youngest Valentines in your house.

8. Make your life easy with these printables

Keep the card creating simple this year with 14 Awesome Free Valentine’s Day Printables, perfect for kiddos and parents who feel overwhelmed by super long class lists.

9. A book for Valentine's Day and every day

Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch teaches a beautiful lesson, perfect for Valentine’s Day and every day, that saying “I love you” and opening up to other people can change your life, too.

Featured photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash