Aging Lady Problems, An Epic Meltdown & What's Next

As I have mentioned, life has been a bit akin to a dumpster fire lately and this is clearly been taking a toll on my health. Over the weekend I talked about my issues on my personal Facebook and asked people if they have been experiencing similar issues and, if so, what has worked for them in terms of tweaks. The outpouring of responses was incredible! It felt so much better to not feel alone, and also to think about potential courses of action.

I have been wanting to try Facebook Live for a while and after a conversation with my dear friend/colleague Jessica Ashley this week, I realized that talking about this issue live could be really helpful to other people. So here we are!

Tune in to the broadcast, where I talk about aging lady problems, amazing advice I received from friends, my epic Father's Day meltdown, and the steps I’m taking to work on my health problems. Also, here are links to the supplements I mentioned -- SmartyPants women’s complete, vitamin D, fish oil (burp-free!), turmeric curcumin -- and here's the post I mentioned re: negative and positive stress responses (and how to help kids manage stress). And of course chime in if you have questions or comments about health tweaks that have worked well for you!