Negative + Positive Stress Responses (+ How To Help Kids Manage Stress)

Ever since returning from Mom 2.0 Summit in May, my life has felt somewhat akin to a dumpster fire. I mean, reality = life is abundant and it’s a good problem to have plenty of work opportunities, and an unexpected side project that has taken off in crazy ways I never anticipated, but still OMG YOU GUYS, DUMPSTER FIRE. I've also been wrestling with some nagging health stuff and yesterday my Father's Day present to Jon was completely breaking down in tears in the kitchen. #worstgiftever

It subsequently has been rather fitting to be working on the videos I shot at Mom 2.0 Summit for One of my favorite things about working with (I just finished my term on the #TalkEarly program) is that while yes, they are about alcohol responsibility, they also realize that alcohol responsibility hinges to so many other things. During my time on the #TalkEarly team, I have written about alcohol responsibility, yes, but I have been particularly passionate writing on how to improve communication between parents and kids and also about how you deal with life impacts, well, EVERYTHING. So when asked if I would be interested to shoot videos again at Mom 2.0 Summit and they were cool with me interviewing people about stress (BECAUSE OMG AFOREMENTIONED DUMPSTER FIRE) I was super excited.

During my interviews (with some seriously bad ass women) I asked about negative and positive ways that people deal with stress, and also about how these parents help their kids manage stress and/or model healthy stress management.

Negative Stress Responses

When I asked people about negative manifestations of stress, several themes emerged. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

Positive Stress Responses

When I asked people about positive ways to deal with stress, there were some common themes and also some really wonderful creative ways that people channeled their stress in a positive way.

How To Help Kids Manage Stress

And finally, here are some great ideas for how to help kids manage stress.

I’m so grateful to Quiana Agbai, Deborah Cruz, K.J. Dell’Antonia, Heather Greenwood Davis, Maureen Dennis, Melissa Ford, Erika Nicole Kendall, Jessica Lahey, Erin Lane, Amanda Magee, Jane Maynard, Shannon McKarney, Kelly Pugliano, Jen Reeves, Danielle Slaughter,  Heather Spohr, Karen Walrond, and Alicia Ybarbo for their candid sharing in this videos, and to my friends at for their support in producing these videos!