Job Alert: Creative Assistant!

Hello folks, I’m hiring! Please read the Q&A below and apply or forward this post to a friend. Thank you so much!

What is involved in the position of Creative Assistant?

I’m looking for someone to be my right-hand woman at Boston Mamas and also for other projects I’m working on outside of Boston Mamas (e.g., podcast). The Creative Assistant’s work would be rooted in editorial (e.g., curating event listings, developing the editorial calendar, doing online research for editorial and other elements, writing copy, periodic clerical work, preparing newsletters) so attention to detail, strong writing skills, a love for content, and a passion for slaying typos is a must. I’m also looking for someone with a stylish aesthetic eye to create simple graphics (e.g., Pinterest graphics for blog posts) and who can edit (or learn to edit) the Edit Your Life podcast. I also would love some personal assistant help (e.g., shoring up itineraries) but those would be optional, one-off things.

Do I need to live in Boston?

Not necessarily. This is a telecommuting position. However, the applicant must have a love for and knowledge of Boston that helps fuel curation of two event roundups each week (the Weekly Blueprint on Monday and the Weekend Roundup on Friday). Also, there may be opportunity for additional add-on projects with me that would require local access, so living near me would be a plus (but not a deal breaker if you are awesome in other ways!).

How many hours are you looking for?

At the moment, 5-10 hours per week, telecommuting and on your own time with the opportunity for additional add-on projects. Note: though this is a part-time role, I really want someone who will be invested in and excited by the work and not simply look at it as a task to check off each day. There is definitely room for growth in terms of hours and opportunities. I just need the right, committed, passionate person!

When does the job start?

Officially, beginning of September, but ideally a week or two before that (so, like, SOON) to transition in.

What qualities would make a great fit for this role?

Do you love the internet and multimedia content? Do you respond to emails in a timely manner (I need someone who is able to be in daily contact, even if it’s brief)? Are you attentive to details? Do you work efficiently? Can you use Google docs? Are you a quick study? Do you love being creative? Are you interested in learning new things? Do you want flexible employment? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then please apply!

What will make my application rise to the top?

Be authentic and tell me who you are, what you are passionate about, and why you want to work with me! The more skills you already have, the likelier you are to land on the short list, but given that I learned everything in this industry on my own, I’m also a believer in the quick study who is eager to learn! So make a case for yourself in the application!

What's it like working with you?

I like to think that I'm a good boss! I work full-time and have a husband and two children so I know all about the modern parenting juggle. And I was raised believing in the powers of a strong work ethic and excellent manners so I strive to manage well and kindly and with appropriate boundaries! And while I totally get that sometimes life throws curve balls, in general, I have high (but reasonable, IMO) standards: I expect deadlines to be met, work to be of excellent quality, and conscientiousness when it comes to tracking hours and such. I also am a proponent of open communication (no festering!).

Logistically speaking, I communicate almost entirely via e-mail and Google docs during daytime hours (subsequently, you need to be available during daytime hours). I barely use the phone as is, so rest assured that I will never call you in the middle of the night demanding anything!

What is the compensation structure?

This is an hourly, contract position, in which you would track your hours and submit an invoice each month and I would send you a 1099 at tax time. I will review compensation with the final short listed candidates.

Does this sound awesome to you? I hope so! If so, please APPLY HERE! Or share with someone you know who might be interested!