If You Can't Forego Housework While Working At Home, Relocate!

A few weeks ago I shared 5 reasons why Workbar at Staples is brilliant. Go back and read the post if you have no idea what I’m talking about, but in a nutshell, Staples and Workbar have teamed up to launch Workbar locations within Staples stores in Brighton, Danvers, and Norwood. It’s a totally boss partnership! Today I wanted to share thoughts related to one of the biggest complaints I hear from women working out of home offices: that working at home is really, really hard given household distractions. In fact, I was just out to lunch the other week with a dear friend who shared that when she’s at home she can be, maybe, 50% tuned into her work, but when she steps into an external workspace, she cranks up to 100%.

Obviously, I told her to go check out Workbar at Staples. Here are 4 reasons why:

1. Uh, there’s no housework!

One of my top recommendations for women who work at home is DO NOT DO HOUSEWORK. Yes, it may seem easy to toss in a load of laundry or tidy up an area in between client projects but I think this is problematic because: a) eventually housework becomes a form of procrastination from your actual work, b) if you do the housework your family members will never notice and become part of the household chore system! STOP WITH THE CHORES during your precious work time! Obviously, if you’re out at a space like Workbar at Staples, chores are a non-issue (with the exception that of course you should toss your used coffee mugs into the dishwasher).

2. For indie business owners, every day can be different

I wear a lot of different hats as an independent creative. I’m a writer so sometimes I need solitude. I’m a designer/creative director so sometimes I need to walk around and look at color and space and different things than what’s in front of me in my office. I’m a podcaster so sometimes I need to interview people. I'm a vlogger so sometimes I need to edit videos in a quiet space. I’m a strategic consultant so sometimes I need to take 817 conference calls in a week. Like many independent business owners, every day can be different and the great thing about Workbar at Staples is that they offer a variety of workspace options designed to suit different work preferences (e.g., regular seating, high tables, private rooms, phone rooms) and purposes (there are rooms specifically outfitted tech- and layout-wise to suit ideation, interviews, connection, and creation).

3. Workbar at Staples understands that sometimes moms need to pump

When I toured the Brighton Workbar at Staples, one of my first questions was about pumping. Because I will never, ever forget the ridiculousness that was squatting next to the sink of a bathroom at MIT trying to pump, with people banging on the door. Workbar Founder/CEO Bill Jacobson told me that every Workbar at Staples location has a place to pump; for example, it could be one of the phone rooms, which have shades that can be pulled down for privacy.

4. Because school pickup

In my earlier post I talked about how it’s not a trivial benefit that Workbar at Staples locations mean you can park in a lot without worrying about finding a parking space and feeding a meter (or worrying about whether your client or business associates can find a parking space and feed a meter). This is especially important in saving you time on the departure end. Because school pickup.

If you’re in need of a cool external workspace that permits you to leave household chores behind, I highly recommend you check out Workbar at Staples. Locations currently include Brighton, Danvers, and Norwood. It is awesome!

Disclosure: This post reflects a compensated editorial partnership with Staples. All thoughts about how Workbar at Staples will help you forego household chores are, of course, my own.