Stretched Too Thin: A Course For Working Moms

Friends, do you know of my friend Jessica Turner? I’m truly in awe of her! Jessica is a mom of three, a full-time marketing professional, and also a blogger, speaker, and best-selling author. And she is NICE. And in my book, being nice is one of the most important things! (If you’d like to get a deeper sense of who she is, check out my Edit Your Life interview with Jessica.)

Jessica has a new online course out today that I wanted to encourage you to check out -- it’s a course for working moms. In Stretched Too Thin: A 10-Day Course to Overcoming the Hustle and Thriving as a Working Mom, you’ll get instant access to an online video series that covers topics such as home management, self-care, marriage, friendship, family commitments, and work, as well as a supportive online community of working moms on the same journey (private Facebook group), and a bonus resource library that will help you dive deeper into the topics covered in the course.

Enrollment is open October 10-17, 2016 and the course is affordably priced at $39 and includes more than $200 in bonus materials (spanning relationships, food, organization, and parenting). Go on and register -- I'm so excited to dive in and learn too!