Style on a Budget: 8 Neutral Spring/Summer Shoes

One of my favorite things about spring is shedding the cold weather layers -- and that goes for feet too. Over the last few weeks, while the weather has toyed with all of our emotions (what was up with the hail yesterday?!), I've been chomping at the bit to wear my spring shoes daily. So, for the next edition of Style on a Budget, I'm sharing a roundup of 8 neutral spring/summer shoes that will give you plenty of bang for your buck, both in and out of the office.

You might ask, Hey, it's spring! Why are you focusing on neutrals? Well, for one, most of us are, in fact, on a budget, and can't afford to have a closet full of colorful shoes that only go with a limited number of outfits. Second, as I shared in my green fashion picks post, I will never recommend you buy cheap (like, under $20) dress shoes...I've just had too many foot problems due to wearing cheaply constructed shoes! So, I encourage you to spend a bit more on a pair of shoes (though the picks in this roundup still range a pretty reasonable $35-$138) that will give you plenty of wears. Save your color pops and trends for inexpensive pieces such as scarves! Finally, as I was scouting these picks, I wanted to share options that would work both in and out of the office, so you can up those dollars per use. Do you sense a theme here? Here goes, in order of ascending heel height:

1. These two-toned d’Orsay flats are a steal, currently on sale for $35 at LOFT.

2. For a classic, ladylike look, try these Brin metallic captoe leather flats ($88, Ann Taylor).

3. Loafers are a great pick to pair with everything from suitwear to jeans. These Carole leather loafers ($88, Ann Taylor) have an awesome, subtle metallic heel to give you a little edge.

4. If you'd like a little elevation without the teeter totter factor, these Romy pumps ($64.99, Lands’ End) will give you a 1.25 inch lift.

5. Wedges are my absolute favorite these days when it comes to elevated comfort. And I just ordered these gold crackle demi-wedges (currently on sale for $68, J. Crew Factory). I bought these in suede last year and wore them all the time so I wanted to get another pair in gold.

6. OK, I know this is another pair of demi-wedges, but these cut-out wedge sandals ($79.50, LOFT) add a level of visual interest that I really love. I recently ordered these in black and they're perfect for riding clear of my bunions.

7. If you're in a less conservative office, height makes these espadrille wedges (currently on sale for $84.50, J. Crew Factory) office appropriate. And yes, they are wedges. And yes, I own these!

8. If you're good with true heels, I am completely and utterly swooning over these Leandra sandals ($138, Banana Republic). The styling is just so gorgeous.

Image credit: all images via linked sources above