Style on a Budget: 7 Scarves Under $18

Following my post on amping up your wardrobe with necklaces, for the next installment of Style on a Budget, I'm focusing on scarves. Like necklaces, scarves offer a lightning fast way add dimension to your outfit, and here in the tundra scarves also are functional for warmth! Added bonuses: you don’t need to go to a dressing room to try scarves on + per the recommendations in this post, scarves offer an affordable means to try a new style or fad.

Today I'm sharing a collection of scarves from Old Navy because: a) they are crazy inexpensive; and b) you don’t have to worry as much about the inexpensive garment fall apart factor because, well, NO SEAMS! Here are 7 options in a range of styles; I encourage you to use these affordable options to venture out of your comfort zone! For example, do always wear neutrals? Then try colorful options #5 or #6. Is your style super minimal? Then pair it with the romantic vibe of #4.

1. MODERN. This black and white geometric print (currently on sale for $12) adds instant edge to an outfit, whether you're going casual in a denim shirt and leggings or with a black sheath dress at work.

2. PREPPY. This navy blue stripe scarf (currently on sale for $14) is just begging to lift a simple outfit. The stripes would also play preppily well if you want to mix patterns (e.g., with dotted skinny jeans).

3. BOHO. With it's mixed pattern weave and tassled edges, this white and blue large pattern scarf ($16.94) offers up a more casual, bohemian feel. It would play well against a denim shirt, skinny jeans, and knee high boots.

4. ROMANTIC. Encourage spring into being with this romantic floral scarf ($14.94). It would look super cute with a belted dress or contrasted against a military jacket.

5. CREATIVE. Want to get double the bang for your buck? The cheerful colorways and two-sided patterning of this reverse infinity scarf ($17.94) show just how creative and vibrant you are. 

6. ELEGANT. The large scale pattern of this floral print (currently on sale for $12) conveys lovely elegance while giving your outfit a color boost.

7. MINIMALIST. I'm a big fan of white scarves as a means to instantly brighten your face. This white and grey colorblock scarf ($17.94) offers a cool, minimal way to add texture to your outfit.

So fun, right? I'd love to hear which scarves are your favorites!

Image credits: Old Navy