Friday Find: Stonyfield Frozen Yogurt Pearls

I'm someone who needs to run, not only to burn off the crazy, but also because I’m not a fan of deprivation when it comes to treats. But given the weather, the narrow snow-clogged streets, and my very realistic fear of getting run over (I drive carefully around runners in the street but I don’t assume other people will!), I have not run since February 1. Results given above: 1) I am going crazy, and 2) my pants are getting tight.

So, I was thrilled to recently learn about Stonyfield’s new frozen yogurt pearls. Because caloric intake is simple math and these delicious little nuggets offer a means to satisfy my sweet tooth without the caloric impact of, say, that pile of sandwich cookies I ate the other day.

Stonyfield's pearls are about munchkin or mochi sized, come two to a box (40-60 calories total), and are made of organic non-fat frozen yogurt wrapped in natural, edible skins. And I especially love that they feel so cute and special that they encourage portion control. When we sampled the pearls at home, Laurel and Violet peered curiously at the little packages and asked if they could split one pearl each so they could try all four flavors. This is pretty major; my kids both love sweets (like, sometimes bug me endlessly about having more!) and I was thrilled that the pearls inspired moderation!

Check ‘em out and let me know what you think! You can find the pearls in your freezer section where Stonyfield products are sold.

Disclosure: This post reflects a sponsored editorial partnership with Stonyfield; all opinions are, of course, my own. Gorgeous images courtesy of Stonyfield.