Podcasts I'm Digging (Part 2)

A conversation with a friend reminded me that it's time for another round of Podcasts I'm Digging (see part 1 for the first batch of 5 recommendations). As I've mentioned, podcasts are so great for listening on the go or around the house and today's picks have accompanied me during many running miles. I hope you'll check them out and also tune into Asha and my weekly Edit Your Life podcast! Enjoy, and feel free to share your recommendations via the comments!

Also, if you're all like, I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO LISTEN TO PODCASTS -- THIS SOUNDS COMPLICATED! It's super easy to listen to, either by: 1) pushing the play button on web pages that include a podcast player, or 2) via an app such as the Podcasts app (for iPhone and iPad) or StitcherPodcast Addict, or Pocket Casts (for Android devices). The upshot of using an app is that once you download an episode, you can listen to it without an Internet connection.

Now, on to my second installment of recommendations:

1. Here’s The Thing. Alec Baldwin’s podcast is one that I enjoy so much I'm trolling back through the archives. Obviously, Baldwin has the perfect voice for radio (who else could make Nature Box sound sexy?) and he has an easy, relaxed style with guests. I especially have loved his interviews with strong, kick ass women such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Julianne Moore. More interviews with strong, kick ass women, please, Alec.

2. On Being. On Being is philosophical, smart, and socially minded; be prepared to focus and dig in. I was fascinated by the interview with Rachel Yehuda (7/30/2015) on epigenetics and studies of Holocaust survivors and pregnant women who survived the 9/11 attacks.

3. I Want It That Way. I’m a huge proponent of demystifying conversations about sex. This has come about via my wanting my kids to have a healthy and knowledgeable attitude, but the same goes for adults! I just started listening to Bustle’s sex and relationships podcast I Want It That Way and found Episode 10 on Porn Myths so fascinating -- I love the dialog that Cindy Gallop is inspiring around sex and equality, both on and off the screen.

4. Strangers. This podcast features human interest stories and not surprisingly, My Father’s Bones (10/15/2015) caught my interest given that it’s an Asian story. I’m looking forward to digging deeper into this podcast.

5. Fresh Air. It’s not surprising that NPR’s Fresh Air is amazing, and it warranted mention in my roundup because of the episode Becoming Nicole (10/19/2015). This episode shares the story of Kelly and Wayne Maines’ journey of adopting identical twin sons, one of whom becomes a daughter. This episode truly is a must listen; it moved me to tears in its encapsulation of parenting -- the uncertainties, unconditional love, and acceptance.

Image credit: Pixabay