Podcasts I'm Digging (Part 1)

Though I've known about podcasts for a long time, I didn't start listening regularly until the spring -- partially because it became a boredom busting solution for me during playground outings where Vi would just want me to endlessly push her in the swing, and partially because of my excitement about the Edit Your Life podcast. And now, well, I'm obsessed! Podcasts are so great to listen to while commuting, puttering around the house, exercising, etc.

Given how useful and entertaining I'm finding podcasting -- both from the co-hosting and listening sides -- I wanted to start sharing my recommendations for podcasts I'm digging. Enjoy, and feel free to share your recommendations via the comments!

Also, if you're all like, I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO LISTEN -- THIS SOUNDS COMPLICATED! It's actually super easy to listen to, either by: 1) pushing the play button on web pages that include a podcast player, or 2) via an app such as the Podcasts app (for iPhone and iPad) or StitcherPodcast Addict, or Pocket Casts (for Android devices). The upshot of using an app is that once you download an episode, you can listen to it without an Internet connection.

Now, on to my first installment of recommendations:

1. Running on Om. My runner/yogi sister Sharon recommended Running on Om to me. Listening to the interview with Amby Burfoot (episode #144) is notable as being the first time I have ever listened to something while running (in 6 years of running)! Also, given that she’s now a mom running on her own terms + embracing emotion and missteps, I also really enjoyed the interview with Kara Goucher (episode #114).

2. Dear Sugar. This podcast has been recommended to me time and time again. I definitely gravitate towards content related to the human condition (and its inevitable imperfections) and found the recent 3-part series on infidelity interesting, especially the Esther Perel interview, since I had the pleasure of meeting her several years ago.

3. Death, Sex & Money. And speaking of the human condition, Death, Sex & Money has plenty of that. The episode on Siblinghood (from 7/1/2015) really resonated with me (in sometimes painful ways) and I found The Sex Worker Next Door (from 9/23/2015) fascinating.

4. Yoga Download. I suspect this podcast is better for people with some experience with yoga terms and posture descriptions. I recently did Episode 87 (post run yoga stretch and flow) and it was easy to follow and I felt so good afterwards.

5. Planet Money. My friend Michael got me listening to Planet Money. Given that economics isn’t exactly my strong suit, it makes becoming more informed about economics easy and interesting. I found episode #650 (The Scariest Thing in Hollywood), #647 (Hard Work is Irrelevant), and #363 (Why People Do Bad Things) interesting.

Image credit: Pixabay